What to bring camping

manygoodtips.com_11.11.2014_42IRkOzP8sUaIFinally you decided to check yourself for lice and Hiking to experience described by many, but not tested you a great sense of unity with nature, when all the city bustle remains there, under the stifling cover of grey smog that day-to-day absorbs a bustling anthill called humanity. To hell with it! Indeed, in the southern edges still warm. The sun illuminates the mountains, forests, rivers, and all this beauty will make you forget the problems that, compared to this grandeur, are not worth a minute of your attention.

Such kind of vacation you need to prepare responsibly and, of course, in advance. Did not try on the image of the famous Christopher McCandless – we need you healthy and rested, so we’ll assist you in collecting Hiking backpack with necessary equipment.

1. Backpack


First, you need a backpack that will accommodate all your camping belongings and will not restrict movement. For example, a backpack Trek Planet Colorado 95 weighing two kilograms has multifunctional charge for equipment and an additional input for the lower branch. Anatomical ventilated adjustable back provides maximum comfort and stabilization of the backpack on the back. Backpack Trek Planet Colorado 95 made of durable, lightweight and water resistant fabric and are an example of perfect balance between price and quality.

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2. Tent


To go camping without a tent is so stupid, like have a hot friend at hand and not to have sex with her. Therefore, we have selected for you a good option, also cheap in price and good in quality. Tent for two people Indiana Rider 2 has good wind resistance. Compact vestibule-hallway with one entrance mosquito mesh on the entire area. This tent can be placed on the slope that will protect your whole inventory, located in the vestibule. Plus there is a ventilation window in a sleeping compartment. The size of the tents assembled, 63h15h15 cm, weight – 2.7 kg

3. Sleeping bag


The third leader was a sleeping bag, the importance of which in the campaign are hard to overestimate. Transitny sleeping bag MusucBag Classic M Blue is a new generation of sleeping bags: it does not hinder movement and provides maximum comfort. The sleeves feature a quick release system hands Velcro around the ankles for a comfortable walk without falling down, and the soles are reinforced nylon, which provides good grip on different surfaces. A warm hood and a collar provide warmth even in the coldest weather. In addition, for greater comfort in the design of a sleeping bag provided ventilation zips and a roomy chest pocket. Chest pocket! Dude, what can there be doubt?

  • Upper comfort temperature: 14 °C;
  • Comfort temperature: 9 °C;
  • Lower comfort temperature: 4 °C;
  • Extreme temperature: -9 °C;

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4. GPS travel


Now that you’re insulated, it’s time to think about which gadgets to put in your new backpack. Let’s start with the Navigator. GPS travel Garmin Dakota 10 010-00781-00 has a convenient touch screen a diagonal of 2.6″, high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix technology™ (prediction of the location of the satellites) and the base map of the world. Simple, intuitive interface, water resistance, durability, special features for geocaching, which is in this gadget can make life easier both for beginner and experienced hiker.

Buy GPS travel Garmin Dakota 10 010-00781-00

5. Multitool


Universal multitool Ganzo G302-B – another reliable assistant in the campaign: pliers, wire cutter, small flat blade screwdriver, knife, serrated, can opener, bottle opener for the removal of insulation, saw, capture for nuts and cylinders, scissors, awl, bit holder, 11 replacement tips – all made of stainless steel.

Buy multitool Ganzo G302-B

6. Lantern


Suitable waterproof flashlight Tank007 E09 has a built-in voltage regulator light output capacity of up to 120 lumens. The most effective range of light up to 80 meters.

Buy flashlight Tank007 E09

7. Mess kit


You need something to cook soup or mushroom soup? Camping pot with lid-bucket Ecos CW-S08 is a system of energy saving at the bottom of the pot ensures that the fuel savings when using the pot on the burner. Coating of anodized aluminum protects the surface from corrosion and scratches, prevents oxidation of the aluminum, so your body will get healthy and tasty food or whatever you have prepared, not uninvited guests in the periodic system.

Buy Hiking pot with lid-bucket Ecos CW-S08

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