What to avoid in social media

how not to use social media

Facebook, twitter, instagram and the like is a very good way for self-expression, which ten years ago we could not even dream of. They help us to communicate and entertain, and at the same time give you the ability to look like jerks. Thus, everybody wants to avoid. «This» is what?

1. To post a photo of myself without a shirt

Nothing identifies you as a jerk like posing with the intent to demonstrate his muscles (even if you got it, dude). Nobody monitors the progress of your training. At the very least, doesn’t want to do.

2. Post photos of food

Each person Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We live because of it. Food intake will not surprise anyone — is that immigrants from Africa. While everyone eats, put pictures of what he eats, has no one in this world. It’s pointless and not particularly pretty. Unless it’s something exotic and out of the ordinary, better not. This month I’ve seen endless pictures of coffee cups, and Cinnabon.

3. To flirt with several girls

Caught! And what will you do when your friend will throw you a screenshot with this greasy comment on the wall of another girl? Unless it’s a cunning way to part, do not. Yes, and to leave better human.

4. Share links to porn

So, we all know guys watch porn, I, too, discovered America. But best not to show everyone else that you look. Besides, since the repost is easy to guess, when you looked it up, and compare that time with the daily activity of most people. Why load someone else’s imagination these are not the most pleasant parts? Look — well, look yourself, do not sound a trumpet about it.

5. Like old photos

It is at least strange when someone suddenly says or laykaet a photo posted online in that way two year ago. This act as if shouts: «I just looked at all your pictures!» — not something to be proud of. I know many do, but at first Dating with a girl tricks it is better to avoid.

6. To spread about his health

To stay healthy it is important, nobody argues. However, do not turn it into monthly reports that you put in the salad, how was practice, how much weight loss and all that jazz. Save it for conversations in the gym.

7. To upload endless pictures from hangouts

Every Saturday in my news comes good news like: «John DOE has added 25 photos» — and there is the DOE once again hanging out in the same club with the same people, pictures are designated by the same photographer — in short, a number of repetitive shit. For what? I think anyone interested?

8. To swear in the comments

It is not enough that will put you in not the most polite and intelligent man, and will make it clear that you’re not really grown up. Srachi the comments are always funny or even unpleasant to read, always wondered what makes people take part in them. This bile looks the part of a funny, jaded and inappropriate. So fun for the students, and you’re a grown man.

9. To raise political and religious themes

They do need to raise as little as possible. For example, when you meet his girlfriend’s parents, they too should be avoided. Your friends are not particularly interested in your opinion on any serious issue. It will be interesting — will arrange a survey or ask in person.

10. An obscure Japanese emoticons

There are smileys like ^_^ o_o or that everyone will understand, against them will not say anything. But all of these. emoticons kaomoji ten characters with undefined value is not necessary, nobody will understand that the emotions you Express. Well, two exceptions: either you animeshnik and communicate with anime, or Japanese. In other cases, no.

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