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Health, Man! Very good magazine website! Learned a lot reading your articles!

You wrote a lot about the ways of life and different professions, and I want you to write their opinion about what it means to be a movie actor who starring in cool films in the image of real men. Who they really are in life, how they live, how they behave?)

The answer

Hello, friend. Thank you for your kind words. It is important for us the opinion of each reader. And we are very pleased that our «Poradi.com.yaoska» benefits, because we created it exactly for this purpose – to sow reasonable, kind, eternal. We just looked at modern textbooks, which tell us that man appeared in the course of evolution, as a result of «God’s plan».

And now directly to your very interesting and very different from the other question. What are they? Completely different, as the passengers of the tram: the nervous, taciturn, hypocritical, funny, interesting. Do not forget that they are actors, and often the image is selected on the character, not the character. But still they are very similar to their characters. For example, Chuck Norris in your life calm, and the Hollywood crowd all know him as a devout Christian. And if you look at the work of Stallone (well, except the «Rambo»), it is possible to notice how the Italian stallion tries to joke. And in life, sly is very good-natured and funny guy. This is one of the reasons why stars and starlets from Hollywood love to work with him. However, here Statham is a bit different from the movie itself. It is on the screen it is dark and silent, but in life, telling him and a gag to shut up. Journalists love to interview him, because he always emphasized gives witty answers.

As for those cool dudes who came in the cinema of martial arts, they most often repeat themselves in life. The same Seagal, don «the Dragon» Wilson (if you remember the existence of such a hero of a third-rate militants). Even Van Damme. Martial arts is a philosophy that focuses on harmony, not destruction. Therefore, most of them guys boring and quiet.

In addition, it all depends on the acting ability of the hero, after all, some play worse than Kim Kardashian smokes a roach on a homemade Smoking device (we are not even sure that she knows about the existence of the word «nightlight»). Just «Shine» with their rough faces to match the image. But the actors – it’s a little bit different. People are creative, because they are outrageously emotional and impressionable, they are ready for the real madness and even to bring themselves to the brink of insanity as Leonardo DiCaprio, McAvoy, hardy, Dmitry Pevtsov «Gangster Petersburg: Lawyer» (if you didn’t cry at the moment when Zvantsev brings renowned across the river, and shoot them, then you have no heart). They are free individuals, unpredictable, admire, but very interesting and often emotional. However, life with them is often a living hell. Even such geniuses as al Pacino, De Niro, Marlon Brando. The first was never married, though has three children from a known only to him ladies.

We contacted Alexey Kolmogorov, an aspiring actor who was lucky enough to work with the Russian Robert De Niro, Dmitry Nagiyev (Although De Niro – American Nagiyev). We asked him that Dmitri in everyday life:

– Alexey, is it true that Dmitry is a very sensitive and delicate person?


We Thank Alexander for the comprehensive answer, and at the end say that they are people just like you and me, dear reader.

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