What the hell is she so did to me?


Tell the story, can someone come in handy. Once friends introduced a girl and then unexpectedly grabbed at us, and instantly, for 2 hours. Then it turned out that we are in a different age: I’m 21 and she’s 26. But the honeymoon, all the garbage – not to bother, six months flew by in one fell swoop, without quarrels, I was calm as a rock, and caring like Mama elephant:) it Seemed that life unfairly throws us test for test: my salary for three months not paid (crisis, Figl), the restaurant where she worked, closed unexpectedly (the crisis of his battle stars), but we were really happy and a good team, but both were rogue because of the circumstances that oppressed us not weak. Had to work on different time schedules, it is strange, but quite large (judging by the articles on manygoodtips.com) it was not «the one» is probably on my side too so was, but I fought like a young lion, and a situation we can easily overcome.

And then boom! As always, in an instant everything has changed dramatically, meet the parents (my first ever, if that) it seems it has successfully done with his father repair, he was invited to the bath, but never got in the end:) all my Friends liked, too. Here’s what happened: I came to visit her old friend, who was pregnant, Oh my it hurt, I’m the fire in his eyes I saw real live, the evening was spoiled by constant questions about when we have little. Like, 27 time.

Just saw the article here about girls who want to get married with Russian roulette, where my Youngest – gun, well, etc (all the same). In the end, I do understand that emotionally or financially for me, I am not a dad (why are we in a relationship 2. kid need?:), brought with it a serious conversation, pomyli something to wait a few short years, but she see now I had direct. And, of course, was drained.

The logical reason for not letting me be humiliated in front of her, asking back, etc.

I acted in the same way as in the article on the return of girls talking, although I saw it much later.

I found it easier, because then it seemed, I know why. After a month my peaceful and free life for myself was invited to a party:) I was fresh, cheerful and happy, chatting, ripped semi-dry red, well, for the matter, fortunately, I brought an interesting toy, but it is omitted. And to my surprise, the morning after said that will be accelerated in all areas in order to catch up with her and be ready for the family, I learned that this is the last meeting after all.

What we have advice for men in my situation if the lady had driven himself and believes that her childbearing time is over, you will not persuade. As has been said, maternal instincts are always stronger, and if you were cool enough for a serious relationship with an older girl, around which revolves successful men older and richer than you lot, be prepared that the situation will change much faster than you’re used to, it will not give a chance to think, if not, many simply say: «Next!» So make sure you’re prepared for all the consequences, or don’t waste each other’s time.

In General, about the relationship with older woman: the subject age to get round and very distant, if she calls herself a grandmother, it is generally nifiga not mean that you can do) And not have to start the build of a great uncle, most likely, she liked you the way you are, so don’t worry, in General, six months of such relations can be considered for several years with the same age and my Madam out boldly to ask what to do.

And my question is: unable to cope with emotions after a couple of months I began attempts to return time and time again that lasted another 4 months and the result was food in the butt) basically used the fact that reminisced about their mistakes, apologized for them, trying to show their changes on the career ladder climb as a battering RAM, gifts, flowers, theatre tickets, in short, not for science (panicked much), and during a serious conversation I learned from her the cause of her cooling: «Everything was very good and got bored».

So the question is: do you think it is clear that the whole situation I can’t describe, but still, what’s the problem? Really, in children, or was it an excuse to not hurt me because the feelings are gone? Can the lady be so tricky to think of everything so believable.

I thought that this young bad boy bring, and wise and experienced, the next will be in any situation.

Probably, that’s all for now, Bro, so many moments I missed, if the theme of the age difference interesting can be a lot of nuances to remember, so ask and answer, I would be grateful.

You guys are great! By the way, came to you because of it, so there are a lot happened because of it, this is just the trouble:)

The answer

Thanks for the interesting story, man. I would have paid for the texts. And thank you for what did not hesitate to share with us your bitter experience. I understand you our article did not really help, so it is doubly valuable that you share pent.

Now try to answer your question. So, get ready to read the phrase that can change your life… Fuck knows. These women are difficult to understand. Maybe she’s just playing with you, the young, and she was bored. After all, He knew that 27 years for men and women is different things. 27 how your 37. Not all, but most. So I decided to take cunning, provoked the vulnerability in the relationship. Or just wondered, alarmed, stupid fucking, and decided to check the seriousness of this way. And can, and indeed her maternal instinct more than anything else, it can be hell.

Assume for the moment that it is influenced by the enemy voices of friends and relatives who are nice to you smiled and even used as cheap labor. I had a case when a close friend of my madmazel persuades her to leave me. This despite the fact that we have a nice talked more than once drank. The Lord is her judge, she will crack the AIDS and me a bright future, just like you.

You just have to stop thinking about her, so 4 months wasted. In General, no matter why she did it, no reason to not do it credit. You will find yourself wise and beautiful.

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