What tattoos do not make

manygoodtips.com_9.06.2014_EAW4HX4vOS1GcThe tattoo is very versatile and painful method of body modification and expression, and most of them look pretty good. But, dude, there’s totally ridiculous and sad exception that you should avoid like Lady Gaga avoids normal clothes. We mean, what is not necessary to draw on even a marker, not to pay money for it and wear it on my skin all my life. If you don’t want to be a character in one of those photos that usually scare fans of tattoos, please think again over his brilliant idea. For the sake of common sense, if something from this list will come to mind doubted.

1. Nadsroic


Tattoos on lower back popular among friends, and we don’t condemn them for it. People look to these worthless tribal patterns on their waists, shaking your head, and that’s it. But if a man would do something like that, the question immediately arises: what is the level of testosterone in this guy? Can be quite negative? Want to fill nadsroic — know: thus you’re arming himself against all others.

2. Tattoo around belly button

tattoo navkolo navel

And again, on the stomach often beat tattoo women. To use as an element of navel tattoo is not only a cliché, but no, not funny and disgusting cliché. I understand women after cesarean who seek to hide the scar, and dudes like that — I don’t know.

3. Realistic portraits

realistic portrait

Tattoo in memory of your loved one is very popular, and the dead man, of course, will be very pleased that now he is in the ink version somewhere on your leg. But master is different. Some can skin like portraits, while the other is made of of people dear to you some currency. We urge everyone not to fill these tattoos: you probably don’t want to remember the person as. You want to remember him alive.

4. «Mother» and any variation of the word

mom tattoo

If you love mom, it’s great. But to prove his love for her as something better than to beat yourself on the bicep heart. It is doubtful that it is a very impress — why not spend the money on something else? For example, go with mom in the cafe or get her a beautiful bouquet.

5. Face tattoos

face tattoos

If you haven’t burned my eyebrows and you do not decided on permanent makeup. In other cases, better think again. So you will never get a promising job. I would venture to suggest that in society it is easier to function without a hand, than with a tattoo on his face.

6. Characters

tattoo kanji

Guess why? So all mother, dog, second cousin, imaginary friends, ex-in-laws grandmothers and all the others did it as a tattoo and half of them even managed to settle it with a laser. Often the characters besides tattoo wrong. Out, as in «the big Bang Theory» tattoos not with the meaning «courage», but merely some kind of «soup».

7. The name of the wife or girlfriend

name tattoos

Tattoos, like herpes, is forever. No matter how it was sad, sometimes relationships are not eternal, they might end up in the most unexpected moment. You’ll feel like a complete idiot, if today you get a chest the name of his girlfriend, and a month later discovers that she’s cheating on you. Yes, you can score a tattoo, but it is worth the money.

8. The names of the children

tattoo kids names

Dude, if you want to remember their names, did you have to fill them on your body? Looks that way. And if it turns out that this is not your child? No, I’m not paranoid, but I wanted to bring the greatest example. Better spend the money on diapers and baby food — would be more useful.

9. The picture of your child

tattoos a child's drawing

Yes, we like to think that our children — all entirely reincarnation of van Gogh and paint a masterpiece. But deep inside you know that you can wipe his own ass. Do you really want to natational on my skin this stuff? And to see her until the end of days? No, come this way: flies separately, cutlets separately. Figure daughter alone, and let the tattoo design designs master.

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