What «smart» thoughts you need to send out

manygoodtips.com_12.11.2014_APP9AC0QUfvdcWe just wrote about some of the truth, tried to change a little bit your Outlook and priorities, we are now going to do the same. You’re pretty young man, why are you wasting a good part of his life to a senseless crazy shit?

There are many here such useless things, today we will name just a few. So read and heed. Ideally, if you finally listen to our advice and you’ll be sent to hell imposed by someone thinking and vision of life.

1. You’re not immortal

Even though I live like you live for hundreds of years. But that’s all it can end tomorrow night, and maybe five minutes later. You feel too relaxed and think that I can everywhere. Are you sure you will be able to go through all the long paragraphs of the plan supposedly now you can do nothing, but later you still will succeed. Of course, it’s not, talking to you about it for the hundredth time.

2. You are wrong to see the world

So, each of us impose beneficial to someone’s model of the world. No matter how clever you think you are, you still may not know the whole truth. They say that history is written by those who win the war. This statement is as close as possible to reality. If you’ve read George Orwell, you should know a little something about how to rewrite history. It was then and is now, and on a larger scale. Just then for some people a similar situation in the world was strange, now it is taken over only the normal.

3. Mistakes are inevitable

They not only cannot be avoided, they should be happy to accept. Your life is a mistake. In the sense that you constantly make mistakes of varying severity, which is absolutely normal. You have to learn to go on these mistakes with a smile. If you do such crap, so it’s still live.

4. You lose and find

Wow! If you can’t find something, then have something to replace it. If you lose, you absolutely always find. If you left the love of my life, it means that soon met with someone even more awesome. You yourself will fill this gap in my life, and it doesn’t have to be a new friend, maybe learn to do something magically beautiful. As a consolation, but maybe you it works.

5. You risk

Sometimes it really is worth the risk. But sometimes you’re just blunt and take excessive risks. And all because in fear you are inadequate. Are you afraid to be a gray mass, I’m afraid I’ll never amount to anything and will not become a promising man. This fear makes you rush from one extreme to another.

6. You can show up late

While you slowly think about how to start a business, for example, to open a small, cosy themed cafe who already rented a room and negotiating with suppliers. If it concerns your future, you have to move on to decisive action. Unfortunately, you’re not the only dude in the head which come to be useful enough thought. Therefore, there is nothing to talk about the unprecedented prospects for a bottle of beer in the pub, and start to do something.

7. You’re the only real

So, you know about this theory? You may have time to watch the Truman Show – a movie about the guy who lived in a fantasy world where his family, friends and others were only actors, and you’re sure you’re not the same character that no one will hear you farted in the bus? Maybe the dude’s just a hologram. You may think that this is impossible, but it isn’t. It’s not impossible, and therefore, by default, can be.

8. You only get one chance

One life. Enough to console themselves with the fact that there is reincarnation and other crap that when you die, your soul will go to heaven… are You serious? I want to give you cheeks. How long have you been in a cemetery? You just buried in a wooden box, that’s the whole story. What to do?! Now you can’t drink whiskey somewhere in the personal cloud, or to move into a dog… So use your life to the fullest, it is unlikely that you will be given another chance.

9. You can’t change

You’ve already made the decision and if it is truly a life-changing, can’t change. Not to revive a prostitute in his room, will not be able to change your order McDuck: if you have already ordered a big Mac, now can’t eat your favourite big Tasty. Why do you continue to think about it, if it still does not change?

10. Nobody cares

No matter how many mistakes you do or no matter how diligent creature was not, the universe will sooner or later cease to exist or, on the contrary, will remain in the same form. How would you not tried to change their actions and character, don’t care about your existence, no one will remember. That is so cool! You both live, and at the same time you don’t. Still nobody cares.

11. You still can

As they say, it would wish. You or doing or not doing. Or live, or you’re dead. There is no difference. The important thing is that you really can do almost anything, just continue to sit idly by.

What is the difference, what’s going on in the world, if you haven’t learned to manage themselves and their lives? It doesn’t matter. Just think about what you need for you, your family and friends. Don’t pay attention to politics and anything else, you still can’t change that. There will manage without your brains and wise thoughts.

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