What she needs from you besides huge penis

manygoodtips.com_12.08.2014_BzNMzUM9ADgktWhen you imagine the perfect woman with large Breasts, beautiful face, a neat butt and other delights, you probably think that it has long made the list of traits of a real man. And probably you think that this list begins with the item: «a large penis», with this thought your self-esteem plummets and you stop dreaming about the perfect girl, where are you up to it.

Of course, size matters, but it doesn’t mean «9 inches» is the first thing she looks for on your resume. Penis size is not a problem.

Forget about size and focus on your skills as a lover and just a companion. Equipment and a few measly inches, and she already thinks you’re best thing that ever happened in her life.

1. Surprise

Even a cliché like flowers and chocolate is what every girl secretly wants to get from her boyfriend. And it’s not because she’s dying without a fresh bouquet on the coffee table. The fact is that this gesture shows her that she means to you. They need to feel an emotional connection with a man to want to have sex with him.

Plan. Get your «social calendar.» Often in relationships, women expect. You miss this opportunity, the planning is the man’s quality, which is very popular with women. Find out how to book a table in the restaurant on Friday night, she’ll die from happiness. Just try to write her SMS that she was dressed and ready at 7 PM. Even if you live together, come to his car and take her.

2. Nice words

It’s one thing to pay attention to in the bedroom, quite another to do it in front of friends. When you publicly praise her and say something pleasant, she feels extremely sexy and desirable. Increase her self-esteem is nicer than just having a large penis. This public demonstration of its positive qualities will give her more incentive to deliver you the maximum enjoyment of this night.

Put her on a joint meeting with the friends, and in the midst of a party whisper in her ear: «I’m so excited. You are so beautiful that I hardly could make it to our arrival home.» Then take her hand and go back to the noisy company.

3. Hugs

86% of women para. «spontaneous hugs» was number one, as a way to lighten the mood — this item was chosen by more than per cent of women, given the fact that they could choose the «Spa day» or «chocolate». They want to know that even after sex we love them. When you hug her not just in the bedroom, she feels that you genuinely love and care about her. This could play an important role in sexual attraction. This is one of the reasons why she may go to the old one. He will cherish it and kiss when she wants.

Just hug her more often. Hold her tight, when you are watching TV, hug her from behind while she washes the dishes or hold her hand when you drive in the car.

4. Desire

It is strange, but interrupted (from your side) kiss will make her more excited than watching porn. Such actions on your part can show her that you treat her more seriously than those of knots. However, if your woman is a huge drama Queen, maybe she will be offended or throw a fit when you interrupt their affection.

In the middle of the day just approach her and gently kiss, don’t do a lot of pressure on her tongue. Now just turn around and walk like you need to do. Voila, you have just planted something in her. This is something called desire.

5. Nice touch

Your friend knows that you want sex. Women almost always know what men desire more than they themselves. But sometimes she’s just tired and wants to do everything himself. Even if she came in angry from work give her some space, and then operate.

Put her on the bed and give her a back massage and legs. First, don’t even try to encroach on forbidden territory. After a few minutes she wants you to be persistent. Slowly and gently touch her body, start to massage her legs, slowly getting closer to the Pope. Soon she will tell you to get her shirt off or lift her skirt up.

6. Attention

When she talks about her «exciting» adventures at work or on a boring grandmother in the bus, you most often begin to think about something else. It is time to remember that you can’t do that!

Show her that you listen and understand. Repeat in your own words what she just told you. In addition to disguise as parrot try increasingly interested in what is happening in her life. Learn about her dreams, about what’s wrong with her boss and so on.

7. Eye contact

Sometimes you look at her during sex. Don’t think that would be awkward. Many men are disconnected during sex, and you’re definitely one of them. Need to fix it.

For example, when she is going to give you a Blowjob or already in the process of oral sex, look at her. She will be pleased that her works are not in vain and you like to watch her work. She will appreciate the extra bond between you.

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