What she doesn’t want to know about your ex

Stop.com.ua_9.04.2014_rbqQUmIz1KVKeIt is unlikely your girlfriend will not mind if you constantly discuss with her my ex. Nobody wants a dude who is unable to cope with its past, annoying to pack Luggage in the bags and move on. Women do not want to know about your exes, with one exception — unless they die. Dudes about women’s whims, usually do not think and discuss with your girlfriends ex with childlike. Advice to the fans to talk candidly with new girlfriend’s ex-better not to remember ever. The impression that you do that compare them. If we decided to remember — know what drives to avoid.

1. What she was great

Why should it be interesting your new friend? How it relate to personal qualities your ex-girlfriend? What did she care how much loved former your family? You want her seriously sat down and began to compare yourself with the one who was before her? If not — shut up. Was wonderful — so take it back and see her again.

2. What it was terrible

Girls don’t want to hear any praises of the former, nor curses her. If you’re going to speak ill of my last girlfriend, constantly make fun and remember a bad word, that you will humiliate yourself first. It’s like you’re impossible to please and you’re ready to throw mud at anyone with whom your paths diverged. Why her husband, who still clings to the past? What’s more, she’ll think about her after the breakup you will say the same.

3. How do you not like her ex

Complete lack of logic: you remember not only your ex, but the people she was with before you. Why did this happen? Moving on, you leave behind everything connected with the past. You forget about the bad and accept the good. If you’re still jealous and mad at the dude your ex loved you, so you are still in her care. From the outside it sounds like: a stranger to you people messed with another foreign man. What? How this applies to your relationship?

4. What she did in bed

Sex with any other men’s women is not discussed. Girls don’t like being compared, especially physically. What would you do in his place? Right, I started to imagine her in bed with her ex. Not the most pleasant picture which is also difficult to expel out of my head. How do you have sex purely your business.

5. What it taught you

«What delicious soup you made!» — «The former taught me». «What an interesting movie!» — «I’m his ex showed.» «How well you shoot!» — «The former taught me how to handle a camera.» Like all good things you can do with your ex. In the end, she does not care why you are able — it’s important that you be what came out. Don’t ruin the moment.

6. About your traditions

Offering his new friend to go to a cafe, take a walk or cook together a dish, you always add: «my ex always did that»? It you in vain. These words show that you respect the relationships that have ended, and new appreciate enough. You’re not trying to invent new traditions and habits, and want to continue past relationships with a new person. Who would agree to this?

7. You still love her

The most offensive paragraph. Naturally, all belong to the former special. Not like all others. But the former do not like. If you still love the girl you met earlier, it makes no sense to start a serious relationship with someone else. You just make a girl feel insecure, worthless and not good enough. Think about what you’re doing!

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