What sad chiefs


The head is the mind, honor, conscience and face of any organization. He, like Atlas, holding on his shoulders a heavy load of problems and responsibilities that loomed over the native ZAO «Kisekka». And fun in this very little. Of course there are pluses, but minuses as well. So let’s talk about what the chiefs are sad.

You can’t please everyone

How could you not try and show off, not made concessions, in the dark crevices of your organization hidden unhappy with your activities. Only rumors, my dear, this specificity of life and side effect selected position. You can be brother and father to their office «rug rats» can spoil the «stick», throwing the whip away, but bear in mind that they will sit on your head. Spoiled and fearless devils will always blame and claim for themselves the great benefits. What to do if your little candle factory can not install everyone brand new «Poppies» and to raise wages contrary to common sense and the dollar? And the guys get angry and start to whisper and grumble: «Again, bitch, sets unrealistic deadlines, optimizes everything, the bastard. Perhaps for a new car collects».

Not to lay blame and responsibilities


How nice to be a performer! You are only responsible for one specifically the mission and fulfill it or not. Not fulfilled – receive a reprimand, finished, done, hold the sugar. And if you perform tasks in the team, it is possible not to care about and blame someone else. But the chief blame incompetent employees can’t. Rather, it is possible, but sense? Demand will still be with him. The staff is to blame? Why are you such morons at keep?! Did not have time in due time? Why not optimized?! Why not take the case under his personal control?! It’s like a child when you’re the older brother, and all the leprosy of the friars fall down on your head.

No one to consult

Gorgeous, when the head is faithful adviser – the man who can always tell you how to behave in critical situations. But if not, then panic and emptiness. Deputies and managers vying to offer their «brilliant» methods of solving problems, and to understand which of them kosher, and advice to other competitors, it is not always possible. The contractor easier though, because he knows behind him there is always someone to whom you can come for advice, who is responsible for the end result. And the boss is the master link in the chain of decision-making, and to shift the blame to someone higher will not work. Awareness of this responsibility over time puts pressure on the brain and is able to keep his mind better than listening to the radio «Kazak FM».

Lose everything


This problem is known to private entrepreneurs than members of the management Board and chiefs of state enterprises. Them if anything can be fired. But the individual entrepreneur and the entrepreneur – individual in all respects. Own boss own boss, the President himself. Not all FE is endowed with the talent to manage. And if a miscalculation conditional Yakunin will not force the Railways to close down, rendering conditional Żory put an end to his office «Horns and hoofs». Himself’s not going to fire, and thought about what you own hands have ruined their offspring, can not be called pleasant.

Think about everything and about all

If you just did your job, now you will have to think about increasing profits, and how to attract new partners, and about whom to chase and whom to promote. In General, all at once. Do not think that the chief and even the editor of this magazine spend hours thinking where to go on holiday and what car to buy. Most often, they eat normally do not have time, to say nothing about fun.

The family don’t see


Boss you have to prioritize if he wants to be a good boss. And, unfortunately, after the selection process it turns out that the boss, it is good, but a family member, and one like a bullet out of shit. No time for anything but work. Children grow by, instead of family dinners – business dinners (at best) and at worst food from a nearby cheburek. Over time things can return to normal, but it is unlikely your family and friends to this reach.

Not made of gold

It’s not always head – a synonym of wealth. Of course, if you’re headed somewhere in «Gazprom», then no questions; write to us please I really want to be friends with you. If you’re trying to survive with his office or head of any social security, then your pocket is unlikely to burst from trying to get out of bills. In some organizations, Directors and chiefs get a measly 30000. Absolutely not the Director’s income. Some left with nothing, paying staff salaries and trying to somehow extend the life of your office.

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