What prevents you to go to the gym?

There are quite a few things that, in your humble opinion, the way you keep yourself in shape and stop being bloated piece of meat. Most of them are frankly far-fetched, but sometimes they deserve special attention. What is it, man? Let’s face it.

1. Time

Time is the biggest enemy on the path to a strong body. First the guy of the pair, which prevented him to go to the gym more than three times a day. But this is complete garbage, because vapor is not so much to think about. In the senior years everything gets more complicated: to the couple added work. After University you go to work, which is tiring and lengthy. After work the only thing you want to do is sleep.

How to solve this problem? Corny, man. How much time you have left when you finish work? Three or four hours before bedtime for sure, right? One hour after can be, right? Choose a gym closer to home; provided that you live in a big city, you can find in your area at least three. I do a lot. Choose the right and try to spend at least an hour.

2. Sleep

Sleep is another thing that stands in your way. You need at least 8 hours, so your training really worked in full force. But every morning you still have to get up early and feel the pain in the muscles. Option: go to bed early, although this does not negate the fact that you have to Wake up. I assure you, after at least a month of training (assuming you like it) rocking chair will become a habit and significantly improve health. Sleep will become calmer and healthier, you only need to get used to.

3. Lack of energy

Not enough time? Lacking of sleep? There is another side: the lack of energy. When you decide to go to the gym before work, you’ll be practically destroyed at work. After work you’re tired coming to the gym, after which going pure vegetable. In the morning you’re gonna feel dead. But this is the first time, although in fairness it should be noted that you will be tired after a good workout so that you’ll be sick, and you come home, you’ll be a few hours rebate at one point. Seriously telling you, man!

4. Food

As a person who has some experience with fitness, I can confidently tell you that the standard formula of «70 percent of success depends on food, and 30 from training» really works. Some, however, apply the law of the Pareto distribution (80/20) in favor of power. But this is not accurate. If your food consists of fast food, sandwiches and unhealthy snacks, exercise will not help you. First you need to get rid of the bad habits of snacking and eating meals in the wrong time. Working in the office just don’t sweat the eating food at the wrong time: you have a well-defined break, during which you can go to eat. Adjust your diet and then take care of yourself.

5. Motivation

We have a good article about motivation. Here it is. Without motivation quite hard to maintain desire for your goal. The article on motivation strongly and well described.

6. Alcohol

Alcohol in all seriousness, can negate the efforts from a couple workouts a week. This does not mean that the urgent need to stop drinking completely. It is urgent to stop drinking a lot and regularly. Otherwise, all your effort goes down in flames, man!

7. Metabolism

I remember that once been able to eat a whole pizza in one mug, two 30-inch Saba and to wash it all down with a coke. Then I wasn’t really fat, maybe one or two pounds a week was a minor fluctuation. I also remember that the era of freelancing with one food a day at least for three days made me lose weight, and decent. I could eat anything and is also easy to fold consequences. But now all as-that quickly changed. I became a different. Now, a few slices of pizza with a bottle of beer can affect my body almost immediately. I can’t drink like drinking in your College years. I quickly get fat, or gain weight. This is particularly evident now, when I began to actively take care of themselves and regularly attend the gym. My metabolism has changed. The only way to fix it — long era of proper nutrition and regular drinking of pure water.

8. Money

Whether it’s a gym and meeting it, be it healthy food, whether buying sports equipment or protein powder to increase mass — everything costs money. And considerable.

Healthy food also costs money. Pasta and potatoes you could buy for a part of your salary, but now you have to eat vegetables, cheese and chicken Breasts. All this costs money! Of course, you can start with minimum. Some bro think you can go out and just run. Actually this is a mistake. As a man whose knee problems will tell you one thing: even for trivial run you need a good special running sneakers. You may feel that your feet nothing happens, but if you continue to run in bad shoes on the asphalt every day, in six months you will feel discomfort in the knee, which can result in osteoarthritis. This is serious, man! It’s constant pain, which is difficult to get rid of!

You don’t have to buy expensive running shoes, there are an adequate substitute for them, but it is worth spending, man! Shoes is important.

Later after visiting the hall, which really makes sense, you realize that you need a normal cotton shirt and comfortable pants, to be able to move freely. After the rod is rubbed you the first corn, you buy gloves that really matter. With the wrong technique you have sore joints — you need a retainer. Who said that sport is just? Who said a healthy lifestyle is just?

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