What prevents you to go on «Mercedes» and have foie Gras for Breakfast



Hello, dear manygoodtips.com! First, as always, a bit of flattery. Thank you for your work and for your article, almost all as on selection — masterpieces. A huge thanks to your wise writers for each article they open our eyes to things and make us smarter.

And now my story. I’m 24, I recently quit a job where he got 25 thousand in a month, and went to the free bread. Tired of working for his uncle, wants to work for himself. When I saw a passing Porsche or Mercedes, I’m wondering in my head how many years I need to work to, in the end, it accumulate. It turned out that with my salary, I had to work up to 60 years. Actually, that’s why I left, because I think that kind of money you can earn only by working on yourself.

When I see restaurants, parked the car, a new iPhone, I’m starting to get angry and full of inspiration and anger are going to write a business plan. I talked with many startups and realized that there are no problems if they did — then I’d turn out, I’m the guy is not stupid, and I have a lot of ideas.

But when the plan was written, when everything is ready, I go crazy. In the head born of doubt, and I’m starting to think that I do not deserve to be rich and happy. Don’t know why. Panic, I become sure that the damn thing I lose that I will lose and someone will steal my idea and make a million. And after this look in the eyes of parents, who always support me, but to put it mildly do not approve of my decision to quit work for the sake of some imaginary Scam?

I’m afraid that my idea will not be accepted and will be put up for ridicule, what really hurts the self-esteem. And worst of all, I can’t imagine myself rich, I can not understand how much I must earn, and what it’s like to earn big money. Help Board.

The answer

Hello, dear reader. Thanks for sugary, but still awfully nice flattery. We love it when they call us wise, it is so cool. And we also love our readers, so stay with us.

And now to your question, the businessman. In General, in your case, there is nothing unique — the usual jitters. Apparently, you-nature a very nervous and vulnerable, but also in the business climb, but nothing successful can be anyone. We are confident, and even nicer that you yourself are convinced of the genius of their ideas. Well, don’t betray them, in your case, you need to stop thinking and just start working to implement the plan. The most difficult thing in any great project is to start, then everything becomes easier, simpler and clearer. A great and terrible beast called the «Business» only afraid of brave guys. So start to act to arrogant, Leo has turned into a good-natured cat.

Are you afraid of the unknown, but if it is easier, you know, she scares absolutely everyone. But sooner or later everything happens for the first time: first love, first caught pokemon, his first detention. Obviously, you can’t imagine yourself rich, and not because Gypsies who offer you to tell fortunes in exchange for «gold hands» are always going on about love, 200 years of life, but not about wealth, but because you earned 25 000. This is very far from a million, approximately the same number of series «COP war» to «true detective». And until you start to build a business, develop it and end up not getting your first income — you won’t be successful. Trust me, the appetite comes while eating, you will have little 100 000 per month, then 300 000, and then millions. So is this shit very quickly.And for God’s sake, don’t be afraid to embarrass myself and burn. Why are you all so afraid of? What a stupid mentality to give up, if you fail the first time? Repeat and repeat — learn from the Americans who believe that the man who had a bad business experience will go far, and he’s got a lot to learn. They treat the error not as a tragedy but as a lesson. And better for you and your parents, if you trip and SIP the bitter experience now, not later. What’s the tragedy? You can always return to their 25 000, but the difference is that if you’re going to whine and be afraid, all problems added to the frustration. And so comes the realization that you tried.

In the end, you’re 24, don’t act bigger than you are, by and large, you’re still a kid. Spit on the society and people will think you’re a loser, you with them along the way. Well, did you meet your classmate, well, tell him what and how, and what next? He is better than you? No, he will die of AIDS, and you will be successful, but a little bit later. And parents in the eyes, ashamed to look into if you will hold the life of a grim man with no goals and ambitions in life, who live from paycheck to paycheck. And if you do — imagine how they will be proud of you!

I want to advise before a hot head like Hades from the cartoon Hercules, to go into business, put it in a bowl over ice, cool small and cool arrogance carefully study the market. We have to interact more with knowledgeable people, go to the coworking centers on business lectures. Just there are going to experienced people (if not the most successful), who can share with you the intricacies. You’re right to communicate with startups, continue in the same spirit. All this will give you a clear understanding and most importantly a sense that the market, which you’re going to get. At the same time will give an idea how much you can earn. This is very useful when you start to compose a business plan.

And most importantly you need support. Find yourself a pocket wise loodusemees that will support you in moments of doubt. It is evident that the kind you’re thin, vulnerable and susceptible to doubt, and you need a person that will in time give you a noogie and menacing, looking straight in the eye and say: «Calm down, it was a great idea. If you give back, I will cut your whole family and piss on your children!». Or find a more sober and adequate counsel. To understand what bad and what is good is very difficult, it would be nice to have like-minded, and absolutely perfect — minded, who fumbles.Anyway, your nature needs moral support, or without it at the first collision with difficulty, you likely take them for the collapse.

Many people say that starting a business with a friend or relative is not that is outright nonsense. In your case, because there is someone to rely on, and most importantly.

So, don’t come back, not to renounce their purpose and start working immediately so as not to burn out, to hell with it and after a couple of months to get back to work, dropping the saliva at the sight of successful people in expensive cars.

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