What prevents you to earn

manygoodtips.com_28.02.2014_oOR9gzwU6bZyuAll want money. Anyone, absolutely anyone would have objected, if he had been offered a tidy sum just or feasible for him to work. It’s capitalism, dude, everything is the way it works: money serves as the measure of everything, and the more money you have, the cooler you are. And indeed, they can even buy an apartment, even though the disease to cure, although in another country to fly — some joy (we said happiness buy). But sometimes we become between himself and all these desirable things. How?

1. All the attention on social networks

Social networking is a useful marketing tool, and very often it is necessary to update the pages, hold contests, invite a group of new people. The problem appears when you have given this too much time. The average clicks on the link one person out of thousands who saw it, and therefore, the efficiency of this scheme is quite low. Social media is important, but it is not everything, so don’t make them a priority.

The easiest way not to spend time on social networks in vain — not to read the news. You can use Twitter to be aware of main topics, you can even make a list of everything that you would be interested in and volovici people according to your interest. You can use an aggregator like Rebelmouse to track the news in several social networks and less likely to be distracted from work.

2. Lunch break

A break is fine, we need to rest in order to work productively. You are guaranteed to have a lunch break if you work in any organization, but if you’re working on itself, take itself for a rule to be distracted in the middle of the day. Usually lunch break is an hour — with a few exceptions. The problem appears when you go to lunch for too long.

It is not necessary to have for lunch the heavyweight food or during the lunch break to run to the cinema across the street: you overestimate yourself incorrectly and distribute their forces. So you work unproductive, irrational waste of your resources. If you long to dine in the evening will have to stay — but otherwise, the increase in earnings will have to forget.

3. The expectations of the work

Some guys shamelessly reject any job offers, because it offers the perfect option. This has its advantages, but still waiting for you to do business. Instead of sitting by the phone and wait for the call, find temporary work, work in the service sector or part time.

You can freelance, at worst, to even leave the house don’t have. You can expect greater earnings, getting a small money, which are never superfluous.

4. You don’t know how to talk

Communication is important. If no communication, people would never have built a society, or cities and even drugs are not invented. If you are not able to interact with other people and share with them your ideas, you did not earn. And it is not simply a knowledge of the Russian language.

The world is full of different people: we all have different past, different experiences, they all believe in different things. It is important to understand how to convey their message to a specific audience. Different words and phrases differently perceived by different people. One must be careful to choose the right words and tone, otherwise people will either understand you wrong, or to be outraged that he is in front of them a man can not put two words together.

5. You only want money

No, the money motivation is normal, but it should not be the only one. At the very least, you need a permanent allowance in order to cope with inflation. We already told you how to ask for a raise, to get it, with the addition of the same story: it was given to you, you have to prove that he is worth. I think you’re doing enough? There is always someone who makes more.

Same thing with boost: choosing between a man who wants to make money and those who want to help the company to break above, the leadership, of course, choose the second. In General, the work needs to capture you.

6. Lark stole your worm

Sleeping is the right how to get money. But to Wake up early and do it constantly — it’s almost a key to success. If you sleep, it doesn’t mean that everyone else is too. So you’d sleep and better jobs, exciting opportunities, and high-profile events — and earn less.

7. Solid workout

The most common mistake is that people are afraid to do anything. You tell yourself that it is risky that the timing is all wrong, — in short, behave as if constantly training to future events, some other real life. Instead of fantasizing about the future, start doing it now. Battles happen every day. If you work pretty hard, sooner or later, into thy hands will come the money (and if you also love your job, the wait will be much easier).

8. Papercrafting tomorrow…

Procrastination doesn’t give you the productive. Maybe you don’t want to do something now, but later you don’t want. The time between «now» and» then » will be filled with stress and unpleasant thoughts about what you could do if time started.

Understand: easier said than done, but we have, and in this respect is the advice.

9. You throw in the middle

Got the money and calm. So? Not the best strategy. Get the precious a bunch of money, do not rush to immediately spend it on various luxury and unnecessary items.

The bonus is also not extra money. If you are lucky to get more, not to scatter the money and don’t think now is the time to relax. Whoever gave you this money, thus he appreciated your work, but his assessment could change quickly, if you stop to work hard. If your efforts depends on your financial situation, you will always be at zero because only zero can you dispatch work.

Earn, in principle, not difficult. Annually, Forbes magazine publishes a list of the richest people in the world. Instead of envy them, go your way. It is a difficult path, but if you try to correctly configure the navigation system and believe in yourself, you can come to the finish line first.

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