What prevents us to appreciate the beauty of girls

Not just dudes, we discussed various ladies who do not do it between us? Not to say that we evaluated in the American system from zero to ten, but this scale is not without its meaning. Usually the conversations are still kept within the «charismatic unattractive». And you know what I noticed? Even when you’re trying to be as objective as possible, still you don’t the objective. Why? Because our poor brains are thoroughly imbued with cultural codes, social norms and symbolic systems, and we can’t look at anything around these prisms. It is through them we sometimes fail to understand what is really attractive girlfriend. What’s stopping us?

Silly, in our opinion, the clothes

This is probably the first and most important obstacle to the vaunted objectivity. Even objectively beautiful girl, even Liv Tyler, would have seemed more worse if he pulled his pants with sequins and durnovkusiya short pink top and feet — flips flops. And because women are so go and spoil yourself. Although these ladies are their target audience — guys who the girl in the closed dress seems Botha and sneakers and skinny jeans «NetRom». Moreover, neither poverty sequin or informality of tight jeans are not objective, banal biased choices, which does not allow us to enjoy the beauty of different girls just because they do not fit into our idea of aesthetic taste. Will have to accept.

Stupid or rude speech

No matter how we tried, the mental capacity of the girl affect how it attracts us. Here though cut, not like me a lady who swears by the word and for a long time remembers the name of any object, periodically hammering on this idea and replacing the required analogue of «this is it». No, woman, no way! Even if you will face super friend who can’t put two words together, she will not find you so attractive, I bet. The exception is if you did this, but we are, hopefully, not read.

The other extreme is also to the extreme to keep us confused. Not the most beautiful friend who speaks well, but speaking with her is a pleasure. From her expressionless face begins to sound smart, not the biggest eyes lit up like a cheerful light. No, after talking it hardly gets more beautiful. She’s just beginning we like, the brain automatically decorate. I do not again fall for it.

Bad makeup and hair color

It’s amazing how the girls know how to spoil myself without even noticing! This is not said just lazy and speechless, but I realized the enormity of this problem only recently: most likely, I was just lucky. Insight, as is usually the case, came to me in the most unexpected and portends the time when I was walking down the street in my area and saw the bus stop three girls. The girls looked as the selection is bad: a creepy blue or green shade, obscenely bright lipstick, the roots bleached hair. I was amazed. In our time, when people have so much information and choice, still there are people who voluntarily deprive themselves of this. So many glossy magazines, Internet, advertising is everywhere is full of visual information, and the female pictures, I am sure, are usedonmost part of it. At least based on this you can learn to distinguish good from bad, and decent from the vulgar and to develop some taste. But no, there are still girls who obessessive hair every six months. It would be better just not painted — it would be better. Wonder why when possible, not to look like bad people consciously make the opposite choice.

Bad character

Another proof that our brain connects the aesthetic with the moral category. We will not lose, probably never, but if we get rid, I’m not even sure that it will be good. So, girls with bad character, we also evaluated worse than they look actually. Let’s say you know that girl hypocritical and lying about everything. And then her beautiful eyes become more cunning, sharpened face, and the voice is estimated as smarmy, deceitful and hypocritical. Don’t understand how this happens, but the fact remains. Therefore, describing some girlfriends, I often use the expression «the Face is beautiful, but it is bad» — a compliment immediately ceases to be a compliment, but the emphasis with the word «beautiful» is transferred to «bad.»

Personal sympathy

A classic case of self-deception. Friend that we love immediately becomes good for us. No options. Even if there is nothing special, one big srednestatisticheskiy — and still we cannot be convinced. We will understand their mistake only when a friend will no longer be good to us and we have opened her eyes. Probably, even better.

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