What not to wear in the summer to not look like a fool

To be honest, that article is not only about what is, in fact, can not wear in summer. Here’s some more tips on choosing a toilet and other water. If you don’t like to look like a metrosexual, here are some tips you prigoditsya.

Baggy shorts with pockets

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When I see a group of American tourists, retirees, I often see them these shorts. The Americans call them Cargo Shorts. Yes, they are comfortable, but, first, they don’t all go, and secondly, they are meaningless. Patch pockets on the sides make you fatter and give the impression that you got the poles on top and bottom thin sticks. By the way, these shorts resemble a bag. Try to choose something that visually enhance your legs. Let it be baggy shorts, but no pockets.

Strong heavy scents

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Heavy musk and woody scents that gave you friend for the New year, not only perfect for summer, but will irritate, and it is strong. Me from such smells in public transport starts to stir, for example. So many Bros in the summer generally don’t use. But there is always a great solution. First, the sea smells that nifiga not annoying. Citrus aromas and the smells of fresh grass. This perfume is not only annoying, but rather — as it delivers.

Flip flops

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For me they are always hard having to wear something in public shower, so you don’t catch the fungus from the floor and other rubbish. These sneakers are perfect for walking in the yard, with the bread or on the beach. But not for everyday wear in the summer! First, prolonged wearing they will RUB your legs. Right between the fingers, and it hurts! I somehow like that sand got that added thrill. Secondly, dirt, dust, and so happy to crawl under your foot. Open shoes for summer sandals with straps around the feet or sandals that keep the foot strap criss-cross.

Tank top-tank top

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In any form, whether formfitting or not. On the beach, but if you’re not a bodybuilder with a really well made body, even forget to think about these shirts. You’re very much like a metrosexual, which I first killed in the Apocalypse. There’s nothing worse than thin arms protruding from a sleeveless. for men there is a traditional bro-clothing — tank top and a loose shirt with short sleeves.

Shorts-swimming trunks or shorts for surfing

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Maybe on the surf they look good. But even this bro doesn’t suit them! The main mistake many guys that wear them: the shorts come down below the knee and as if to visually shorten your legs. If you raise them to waist level, you can much like the guy chmorit the whole school; if you omit them, your stomach begins to bulge.

The glasses, which glass spaeny on the nose

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Honestly, I have no idea how they are properly called. If know, write in the comments. These glasses are perfect to protect the eyes and give a good review. In addition, they are great for a game of tennis or Golf, for Cycling, but not for everyday wear. And all because they remind you of the Terminator. In the bad sense of the word. I can’t even imagine who will really suit those glasses. Better pick up a pair of glasses, in which you’ll look fine.

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