What not to say after sex

what we can say after sexWhen it comes to sex, for some reason, much more importance is given to the fact that you have to speak in front of him, and what after, no one cares. It and is clear: get what you want — you can do whatever you want. But this is the logic of a human user, person is not very pleasant. Even if it’s a friend for once, behave like a beast: you’re not a beast. So, in those six seconds between sex and your talking about the fact that it’s late, you have a meeting tomorrow, have something to say. What?

The biggest difference between a man and a woman in terms of conversations after sex is that women are having these conversations like, and men — no. If you had sex with a random girl, she probably won’t want to feel used. About it we already talked. Although today a friend just used men for sex, these fears are still relevant.

And why are they so calm that they did not feel used? Well, they, unlike us, certainly do not have to hear how cool they are having sex. They need to feel something like respect, human attitude.

When we guys discussed this issue, one of my bro said that in such cases he usually looks the girl in the eye and says the sex was amazing. Like, he’s not complaining, of women problems he has, but this sounds like something idiotic. Don’t you think? Still and stares in my eyes. It would be better said something about her and not about sex, and that these meaningless comments were worthless.

Again, it should be this. When after sex you say «You’re awesome», you think this is normal? Sounds not a bit sincere. As if you give her a consolation prize. «I’m not going to date you, but you’re cool.»

No need to pretend that it was a worthless pastime, and to give birth to the immortal phrase like: «And now let’s watch a movie». In principle, good idea, but talking about her as soon as you lay down next to her — it’s just in any gate.

Another horrible option is a phrase like «no One needs to know about it. My wife doesn’t even have to guess about it». If the girl went for a affair with a married man, she already knows it. These words once again remind her that she is guilty that she had acted inappropriately. She starts to think you’re ashamed of her.

The next stop on our hit parade: «You finished?» The truth is that if she’s gonna end up, you’ll understand. This is usually more or less loud, and the girls in this time of shrinking muscles: skip is very difficult. And anyway, what you want to hear, asking such a question? «Yes, several times, just didn’t want to show it»? If there is a need to ask, then the answer is no, better not to shame.

And now the logical question is: what to say after sex? Do not make this a big event, it is not necessary strained compliments, don’t need to show himself as an idiot. What do you need? Say something nice and simple, without drop hints of his greatness, without a hint on what you need to compliment you. You can ask what she usually does at this time; you can offer her water or tea; you can ask, if not tired of it; you can say what you like to do with her. Not so difficult, right? Just show that you appreciate her; that she could be anywhere, but instead chose you. So, if in her hands is a glass of water or Cup of tea, she will have something to do while you’re explaining how important meeting you have tomorrow morning.

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