What not to bring to a party

manygoodtips.com_6.06.2014_Y998M5aIpaTdgGoing to a party, it is not difficult to guess with a gift: to the court and will have food and drinks, and silly hats. People will be happy with anything! Or not?

What things are not allowed to the party under any circumstances?

1. Electronic cigarette

At parties and similar gatherings Smoking is one of the unifying moments. The need to smoke is a great reason to get out of the house and join the second half of the evening. Although recently Smoking everywhere are banned, we still have the balconies, stairwells and courtyards without playgrounds where smokers go to fill the shortage of nicotine, and at the same time to communicate. All smokers except the owners of electronic cigarettes. They violate the General harmony of smokers and non-smokers. It is defectors who want to be «and yours, and ours» and to be the best of both. They are allowed to smoke indoors and not to go. Perhaps electronic cigarette is a safer alternative to cigarettes, but why does everyone have to sit in the room filled with sweet smoke? If you smoke, smoke or a real cigarette or electronic, but all along with street.

2. Acoustic guitar

You’re sitting on the couch between his two friends, in the room of voices and laughter. Friends get together not every day, and when that happens, the room is filled with special, magical atmosphere. Then comes man. In his hands the acoustic guitar. He smiles and asks, not hurt anyone, if he’s here to play a bit. The guy notices that all look at each other disapprovingly, while he sets and takes trial chords. Note to all musicians: good thing you know how to use this tool, it attracts the ladies. However, do us a favor and leave the guitar for another occasion. Nothing kills a party like a man who believes that playing guitar makes it more fun.

3. New passion

Summer is synonymous with casual relationships, first kisses, and fleeting passions. There is nothing more beautiful than a party on the beach, holding hands in the cold water and walk on the sand barefoot. In such circumstances, you feel the natural desire to bring his new girlfriend to the party or to bring to barbecues. Not necessary. And here’s why. When the relationship is still new, you need to meet a girl with her friends and worry will they like each other. The procedure is exciting, and the thought of that exhausts you to the point of impossibility. Let them get acquainted, but not at a party where everyone would watch her and evaluate her. Better pick for this hike to a sports game, in a Mall or sitting in a cafe. Everyone wants to spend time with you, not with a charming siren, which you leave in the fall.

4. Pineapple

Weird request, but just accept on faith. There are people that bring a pineapple to a party and left alone with this spiky monster of a host who has to figure out how to cut and apply and it does not leave the guests alone. Each vegetable (and each pineapple) your period, so ask yourself what you would be happy if at a party someone brought a bit of chaos? It might be better just watermelon or a bottle of wine?

5. «Cards against all»

I do not believe that this recently came from the West, the game will beautify your party. At first, the idea seems to you very funny: question on the black card, and white — meaningless answers that will make everyone laugh to tears. None of the stupid American Comedy, there is no such amount of toilet humor in this game and it will keep you entertained. However, after a few parties you will understand that it is not talked to friends, learned the news, did not share his, and only laughed at the fact that the favorite hobby of Lev Leshchenko — «Baltika № 9».

6. Smartphone

Keep your smartphone in your pocket, while you don’t need to exchange phone numbers with new friends or answer a call girlfriends and tell them what you’re doing well. If a required component of your story — a video or picture, what is the story? Eleanor Roosevelt once said «Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.» Talk about their ideas, not on the latest update mate label from strangers.

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