What needs to be bought in an empty apartment on the mortgage?


Friends, the beginning of life ONE important moment in the life of a young man, goes to the husband’s status. However, many of us are not adapted enough to the issues of everyday life.

So the question is: «What should be bought in an empty apartment on the mortgage?» All sorts of gadgets are welcome.

A special merci to those who tell purely economic advice.


It all depends on how the apartment is empty. If it’s empty, no repairs, and it only screed-plaster, the first thing you need to buy bathroom fixtures, the toilet and shower. If finances allow, you can make good repair and to buy all the necessary furniture and equipment. If the finances are not really and you plan to take it in stages, then after the plumbing necessary to make minor repairs where necessary to plaster (after the builders are mistakes), proshpaklevat, paint the paint for the walls to start down some laminate (again, if finances are limited, if full of money pockets call the designer and make repairs expensive and tasteful).

After plumbing the Essentials — a stove, refrigerator, bed. Refrigerator and stove just take a good, do not save such things as a rule, people rarely change. So don’t tell yourself that first and it will come down, and after the change. There is nothing more permanent as temporary. The same applies to beds, sofas. If still insufficient Finance on the cool bed, sleep on an air mattress, they are now complete and the prices are reasonable. He’ll continue to come in handy, good thing.

Next you need to equip the kitchen, again, is required after plate — washing and a couple of shelves where you put the utensils you need, which you probably Nadar relatives and friends.

So, imagine that you already have in the apartment to eat, shit, bathe and sleep. In General one can live. Now is the time to do minor chores — the washing machine, cabinets, wardrobes and other shelves and recesses for storage, as well as chairs, tables, etc. When all bought and orderly, then you can do a home cinema, an aquarium and other fensham and decoration of the home. And try not to overdo it, warmth is created and with a minimum of things. As long as everything was harmonious. Look through the magazines on interior design, IKEA catalog, look at the beautiful interior — it will help you to develop a taste if with such problems, and take some ideas on Board. And read our helpful article: How to make an apartment-like dwelling of the adult man. Well, enjoy the new place, man!

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