What makes you shy girls

To cope with all the demons of the world which are entrenched in your head, impossible. But some you can win. This time manygoodtips.com decided to draw your attention on the subject for many painful: when quite a big boy is shy to talk to girls. Our readers often send letters to the editor in which you complain of their inability to communicate freely with friends. They turn in on themselves, feel stupid or look real stupid. We have written tips to help a shy dude, but now has decided to explain to you the cause of your shame — this is important if you want to leave it in the past and to get closer to the girl you really want, not the one that gave yourself the opportunity to want.

The case in the past


Remember those great people who are now trusted by few psychologists. From them you can often hear that any psychological problem comes from childhood. And this is largely true. In childhood, there occurs some cases of conflict, which, because of your childhood, seriously gets stuck in your memory, and is evaluated by the psyche as a turning point in your life.

The case itself may be insignificant to madness. For example, you could come classmate in the leg, and she could cry. You could get a slap from your father when you were watching the girls from the yard. Maybe you threw up on the Desk, as the teacher of initial classes was very severe, and was forced to endure. You threw up in a time when a classmate told you some funny story, her pencil case in your lunch. All these cases could make you blush and hide in a corner, because «such a shame won’t wash off.

Hoped that you will understand how cases from the past unimportant and how foolish to give them a chance to affect your life.

Your friends

Friendship is friendship, but the environment has a serious impact on your confidence. If you amassed around him a band of virgins, then treats you accordingly. In such groups immediately produce a standard of behavior, where a girlfriend is a wonder of wonders. We do not suggest to abandon your friends, but try to share in the fellowship with the girl and chat with friends. That is, you need to position your identity outside the group which is not dominant behavior.

«The situation in the school»

By the way, about the dominant behaviour. We are very, very far removed from animals men clearly share roles in their groups. Always have dominant individuals who radiate confidence and well-being even in the absence of brains, and always there are omega males that can be tin what an interesting, intelligent and business people, but their problem — uncertainty. The trick is that any omega male may take the position of alpha male in that case he will find the right «pack».

To do this, often have to challenge fate and well-being — all in the wild. For example, you’re sitting in a warm chair, which is designed for entertainment. You’re happy with everything, but I can’t get beyond their situation, because you no one will. How can you evolve with the omega male in alpha male in this case? Simple and difficult at the same time — to leave work and open my own business.

If we talk about confidence, that all people are divided into two types — winners and losers. The latter are closed and I’m afraid the extra words to say, afraid to lose again, and the first hundred times can take a beating, but they would still be winning, because winning comes from within, not outside.

Social network


Social networking has created a new kind of addiction that seriously affects personal relationships. We are not against progress, but a break-up of social networking ubiquitous and familiar to everyone, but withdrawal from heroin is familiar to most is that social videos. That is, social networking is something that has taken over the world. Even our parents are sitting in them, although they still have one foot in the real world, and here we are with both feet in the virtual world. In a network it is easier for us to communicate with the opposite sex. You can ponder his words, to come up with a nice phrase, to seem brutal and courageous or to tell us about yourself a good Russian language.

And like all good, but real life is suffering from this. Erased the memory of the offline communication, directly provokes shame. You become a savage who has nothing to say, poorly formulated thoughts and says abruptly, and a little weird. Of course, the girl will perceive you as crazy. But what to do? To get outside more often to communicate with real people, not profiles in contact, to talk to the mirror and study books about how to talk. Shame very easily hidden if you can put yourself confident voice and to get a good range of vocabulary.

Physical disability

Your physical form is seriously affecting you, really. This, of course, is not true for all people. Some fat people look more confident and cooler than their muscular friends who immediately stop when the bar comes to a woman. But if taken as a whole, that beer belly and flabby arms will not make you confident. Physical activity can increase the level of testosterone, which makes you not only more aggressive, but also reduce your shyness. It works on the level of chemical bonds — pure science and no cheating. Fear is a feeling that begins in your brain, a feeling that dictated by the lack of certain elements in the blood, and you will understand it when you start to train hard.

Excessive nerd stuff


Look at their interests. Did you notice anything? But we see hundreds of hours in video games, thousands of hours in the series, the desire to show himself as an intellectual on the basis of intellectual interests. In fact, you yourself undermine the bridge by which to reach women. Do not abandon your interests, but think about what your interests are unlikely to share the woman you want to talk. If you split, then take her for a wife — you’re lucky.

But most of the interests will be quite different, and hence your monologues must undergo changes, you have to learn to keep my nerd stuff with you, and show the human side of his personality. The human side is the one that most people like. For example, a love of Hiking, carrying on business, the desire to help people — the human side. Viewing anime genre is Yuri — nerd stuff.

No, we are not saying that you should get rid of what makes you different from all those grey crowds. On the contrary, you have to keep it. But if you suddenly start talking with a girl and blunt, remember our words and translate the subject that will be clear to you two — it will help.

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