What makes no sense to ridicule and condemn

We all sin of hasty conclusions. Perhaps now more often than ever in history. We’ve learned that the film sways in minutes, food to buy ready-made well-there are even book stores and veterinary clinics. In our days people judge without thinking, clinging to platitudes, once and for all convicts. The day we wash each other’s bones and give people the opportunity to make our opinions for us. The little things that people do, even if erroneous, did not speak about all of them.


They are tired, but tell me who at least once didn’t take the picture himself? The self-portrait has long taken its place among the genres of fine art and has come a long way from caveman times to the academic painting. Apply available technology to create a self-portrait is a tradition. So everything is fine.

The job you choose

Whatever your education and degree. I’ve met people with higher education who worked as bartenders, or sitting at home and frilansery and was much happier than in a goddamn job that matches their education.

The age difference

Love, as they say, all ages. I think people paired several times all weighed, discussed and decided for yourself. Your opinion of them is not a priority.

Education loan

If there are no other options to learn what you want, why not? Who never paid for education, one will never understand why to take out a loan. He who is not enrolled, and more money for education was nowhere to take, he will understand. Of course, not be without consequences: you’ll have the loan, but the loan is not ashamed.

Stay friends with your ex

We are beating the drum and loudly shouted that it is impossible, from my own experience, which may not be applicable to all. For someone such a scheme really works. It is not that the former is not able to be friends, and that people who have left each other’s feelings, can not and do not want to be friends. Feel like priorities have shifted?

Get pleasure from the mainstream

It is considered good practice to wince and aesthete-bugger to exclaim: «Oh, it’s mainstream, it’s beneath my dignity!» Your interests may go beyond classical literature and chess and still be decent. If you like Rihanna, there is no shame in that genre is a very worthy performer. It makes no sense to constantly point out what others are graceful enough, you’re also probably not an English Lord, buy vegetables on the market — and nothing else, although everything is merchandised. There are more important things than someone’s tastes.

Not to subscribe to a healthy lifestyle

Now do a lot of fashion trends in terms of health and nutrition. Sport. HLS. Vegetarianism, veganism, raw food diet. Avoiding alcohol on the ideological level. A gluten free food. Fad more than it seems. And if someone chooses a beer and a Burger, that doesn’t make him subhuman.

Dating sites

Many people tried searching for my second half, many did not — but someone it all worked out. Let sit and get acquainted, if he likes. Stop playing and quit. You will find someone even better.

«They sold out»

When an artist enters into a contract with a major record label to get rich, for you that’s good: you most to listen to him, literally every iron. If the artist is good, it will go all to benefit and improve the average taste in music. Same thing with all other artists. Historically, that creativity can bring big money. Sin to refuse them.

The lack of dynamics

«At your age people have…», «you don’t develop» — how do you know? Maybe he develops, but inside his head?

Women who want to be Housewives

To stay home and raise children and not work, if funds allow. Nothing wrong with that. Previously condemned working women, now unemployed. Who was to blame. If the family is satisfied with this life, why not?

To return to the previous

Sometimes after a breakup before people finally realize that they love each other, miss and want to return everything to normal. People do make mistakes. All couples experience difficulties, and who are you to understand what will be right for them?


If most people don’t understand you, doesn’t mean that you’re an idiot. It is strange that we understand this when we think about ourselves and forget about the banality of strangeness (almost like the banality of evil, really) when talking about someone else. We notice that someone is strange, and enthusiastically described his weirdness. Why? He had long stopped eating chocolate chip cookies with ketchup and to drink only from a Cup because you’re a disgusting bottle necks?

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