What makes for good sex?


When it comes to sex, few people understand that it is not just the interaction between the two of genitals. For good sex the essential specific qualities that should be possessed by the couple that their sex was really good. If you have any problems with sex or are you starting something in him to bother, this article is for you. Although, to be honest, it is designed for everyone.

1. Communication

Talk. All the problems of couples is that they are not good quality and talking about life. In this case, it would be a good idea to talk to each other. All sorts of comic preromanticism and prorocheski conversations in bed before «thereby». They will help you to tune in. First, let’s talk about what you both want in sex. Sometimes it is difficult to say what I want I no longer pull there’s something or finally removed the hand from my balls. It looks a simple task, but for some reason millions of men around the world still have not told my girlfriend that she has stopped tugging cock like she wants to root. Some people think that a friend will take offense, like a girl trying so hard, watched porn, read an article about how to do it right, and you’re all her efforts dashed. Over time, these difficulties will annoy more. Do you think she has nothing to say? The girl probably don’t like you mauled her Breasts like dough, but she also stoically silent because he doesn’t want to hurt you. People are stupid, in short!

2. Experiments

Many couples scatter because the sex was mediocre. And all it had to try something new. Of course, this does not mean that you need to pour the kerosene and force him to lick, but you can try at least a few new poses, no? Maybe cunnilingus is not a curse and you can «go down»? By the way, this also means that we can and need to engage in role-playing games. Most often they all felitsa due to the fact that both partners strongly laughing in the process.

3. Dedication

Good sex involves any concessions. Sometimes you need to be patient and not end up for a few minutes. Sex should be satisfactory not only for you but for your friend, I hope you understand that? Give the girl a few minutes, pet her, again reminded of Cooney. If you’re going to take a NAP, don’t turn back to her. At least give her a hug.

4. Spontaneity

Enough with this «Today we will have sex!» Sex should be spontaneous, like excited and come. Every girl wants to have her dragged to bed, made her all, and then released. This is an adventure, damn it! A second ago the girl doing the usual chores, and now you were hooking up with her. Debauchery! Just make sure the girl was excited, and then push in a dry hole somehow…

5. The ability to adapt

Everyone has their individual peculiarities and oddity. They should get used to and changed by this man. The best lover is the one who was able to adapt to a new partner, and thus, it became fun. Find out what excites her, where she can not touch it, and will you two huge superhuman happiness.

6. The desirability

Remember the item «spontaneity»? Now, this only works if the girl wants you, or wanted in the process. It’s enough that she was in a good playful mood, and she was not involved in cooking (it will burn nafig!). Sex should occur by mutual consent. In the opposite case it is called… that’s right, rape. The girl actually can fail, but eventually she will get tired of it. And if you get bored, why are you home a masochist?

In the absence of desire in addition to everything else there is an unpleasant practical side: a tiny amount of grease. Of course the girl will get wet, but the first few minutes of this unpleasant procedure for both. In the future, it is a relatively pleasant procedure for you.

7. Compatibility

It is important that you calmly were compatible not only in life but in bed. If you life outside of bed you often quarrel and almost in a state of war, and the sex is still good, most likely, the shadow will soon fall and your bed relationship. If you correct your homework problems, it will soon turn into two meet and roommates who frequently quarrel and just want someone else’s body. Drop the heat, it will begin to irritate you and all of your relationship is mutual Masturbation.

8. Props

Oddly enough, but extra props for sex is the must-have. Well, it is desirable to have, I would say. Box of condoms, bottle of lube, a suit is usually enough. I’m not talking about the Dildo the size of a small mammoth, but oil you can buy? You don’t want girls to erosion or something in this spirit?

9. A sense of humor

So, man, you didn’t listen. For good sex it is vital. And relationships in General. I honestly do not understand how you can date a girl without a sense of humor. If you have something did not work, you can laugh and joke. If you did well, you can do it meme, and often to remember. Vulgar or okaloosae jokes perfectly set the right mood.

By the way, if you ask any girl what she’s interested in: looks or sense of humor, she is likely to choose the latter. Sense of humor is in some way a symbol of the fact that men don’t care about the danger, he laughs at them can make others laugh at them too.

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