What makes a person creepy

manygoodtips.com_27.10.2016_VdnMbwJTjH6XDIn «Silence of the lambs» Anthony Hopkins played one of the most memorable and terrifying villains in cinema, Hannibal Lecter. When you see this anti-hero, you realize that there is in it something terrible, inaccessible and forbidden. While famous lover of the human brain says in a soft voice, politely and almost friendly, he is well-read and cute, but we still understand that we face a real monster. Where does this understanding?

When it comes to movies, you can refer to the music, the acting, the script, the events and even the work of the operator. But life presents us with exactly the same «Letterof» — they look good guys, but we are afraid of them. Why? We don’t know, however a recent study by Francis Bailey of the University Knox found the answer to the question: «what makes a person creepy?»

Francis Bailey, before we announce the results, repeated several times that the word «terrible» — the term unscientific and empirical definition of it will never find. He gathered a large group of volunteers (1341 people) who put 44 questions. Bailey asked the focus group to rate a person’s appearance, his behavior and intentions on a scale from 1 to 7, where number 1 meant complete safety, and figure 7 is a total nightmare and horror. The researcher also asked volunteers to rate professions and Hobbies on a scale of fear. As a result, we received objective data that can be interpreted in the following way.

External signs

Terrible can be both women and men, but more fear cause men. To explain it simply — the presence of high physical and sexual danger. Rapes of women occur naturally, but some guys believe such an incredible display of luck. Correlation by sex is extremely high, but more and more people attach importance to behavior that goes beyond social conventions. For example, if you stand too close during conversation, often lick their lips or unpredictable laughing, of course, you’re scary.

manygoodtips.com_27.10.2016_yUR2Wgo5IxSDfUnusual physical characteristics also play a role. People with a peculiar smile, greasy hair, long fingers and pale skin with more likely to be rated as terrible. That is, if your appearance is not the same as notions of normality, then you will be afraid. This can be explained from an evolutionary point of view, it is better to be safe than to be polite. The legacy of our instinct, which is used to produce the fear reaction to an unnatural situation.

Certain professions and Hobbies also become the embodiment of fear. The highest level of anxiety the focus group gave the clowns, they are followed by servants, funeral agencies, taxidermists and hosts intimate shops. If we talk about the «scary» capture a lot of people said the art of photography. In fact, nobody likes it when you take pictures on the sly, — this leads to unhealthy thoughts.

Fear of the unknown

If you put the Stephen king novels aside, no one has yet proved the connection between a clown and a serial killer. And your wonderful laughter don’t make you a maniac, as your long, pale fingers. But our subconscious mind perceives bad facts and reasoned arguments — it wants to protect us. When it comes to our instincts, they, without thinking twice, is injected into our brain crushing fear, and we’ll get out from that may contain potential danger.

Stop.com.ua_27.10.2016_hYfkmhxkA2r1nHints of danger can be quite harmless. They are usually of body language that we use during social interactions. Body language is a category that is understandable to all, but when people deviate from the normative set of behaviors, we feel that something went wrong. If «something» is really wrong, we gradually filled his mind with anxiety.

If you do not understand simple rules of social interaction, for example, when to laugh, how close to stand, how to use eye contact, then your partner is not open to you the soul, will begin to suspect something. The behaviour may be innocent, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of our perception, we think up the rest themselves.

For example, a genuine interest in birds might look pretty dangerous, because none of your friends running around the woods with a camera and takes pictures of Raven for five hours straight. We closely monitor the behavior of a stranger, especially when he stands out of the ordinary.

Lack of understanding of the motive

Back to the birds. Observation does not seem dangerous, if it is in the circle of watchers. But for the layman such activity can become a driver of fear. Scary is not the fact of birding, and our speculation, born from not understanding the motives of the person walking around with binoculars in his hands. «This guy really watching the birds or he does something more sinister, looking for a new victim?»

The survey also showed that the focus group believed that some people deliberately choose to take the path of evil and dress in terrible clothes, starting to behave strangely. Horror is a manifestation of something internal, often social ineptitude. However, sometimes your instincts are not lying, that is a lot of crime news.

According to the materials of Francis Bailey

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