What makes a man happy

manygoodtips.com_14.08.2014_LkP2EtROVEIP5Are you always looking for and choose the path that will make your life more comfortable. You want to be happy, as we all do. When you do nothing and sit all day in a stuffy room, it seems that the world stopped, life — decay, and it’s time for you to die.

But we will not let you so easy to solve this problem. We will make you tear your ass off the couch and go in search of his own happiness. You have to try all that makes a man smile with pleasure, for example:

1. Permanent relationship

So, they are accompanied by regular and significant removal of the brain. Yes, they are partially cut back your freedom. But! They are worth it. In long-term relationships you provided not only regular sex and food in the fridge, and many other nishtyakov.

In addition to evening blow job for you now waiting for affection and care. You always have someone to consult is the one who will calm you down and will support a difficult minute. If you don’t choose a pretentious son of a bitch that will be the day to hang out in shopping malls, choosing new clothes, and at night will disappear in the night clubs. Experience of permanent relationships (even if not successful) will make you rethink a lot, and it is not even bad.

2. Quality food

This does not mean only «good» or «useful». This means qualitatively. Not your favorite hoagie or a hot dog, bought for the corner of your house. This kind of poison, of course delicious and she makes you happy, but not for long.

We are not suggesting that you refused from fast food. We are not cheaters, we know that without. fries and hamburger is difficult to live. Well, sometimes you just want some bullshit. Just don’t get carried away, try to dilute your daily diet. Try new dishes. A new taste, it is so cool that can not be compared even with the basket in the CFS. Try exotic or ethnic cuisine. Not sushi rolls, but really the original kitchen, not adapted to Russian. Cook something yourself. It’s your bitch you can say that it is not able to even fry an egg. By the way, a good reception. Go to the kitchen and find some interesting recipes and get to work.

3. Sex

If you have already stood up, then so be it go to his girlfriend. But for those who remain, I advise you to start downloading the porn a bit later. If you don’t have a permanent girl, then you still need sex. Not Masturbation, namely, the body of a naked girl in your hands. If the course is strongly impatient, it is possible pofapat a couple of times, but remember that you can not heavily get involved in this case. Unfortunately, the consequences of enhanced Masturbation to success you will not.

Don’t stoop to the old prostitutes, or even the young. They are created not for you. There is always a lonely girl in a cozy cafe that won’t mind to spend nice time. Or you can use the one which flashed in the first paragraph. You can easily find at the bar in the most pathetic club in your city. Sex for a night or a few nights, no obligation, by mutual consent. If you have a girlfriend, you with a clear conscience can spend your free time.

4. Stay

No, not the holiday that you prefer. No need on my day off lying on the couch in dirty socks and t-shirt. You need to go out with friends or girlfriend. Go with the guys in the bath or sauna, not to where after the steam serves prostitutes in apples. No need to get drunk in the trash. I hope you don’t follow the stupid stereotype: «Men’s stay should be with whores and vodka».

There are also wonderful places where you and your friends can cool to relax. Just to talk to drink beer, to relax. You need it. Well, if you still decided to relax with a friend, you do not need to hang out in cafes and karaoke. Join to fresh air. Buy her a wicker basket, where she puts cucumbers and meat. And go closer to any lake or just in the woods where no one. In this case, you even will get extreme sex.

5. Hobby

Well, what do you like? Shooting, chess, modeling. Maybe you’re a radio Amateur, and has gained Amateur radio station. Now is the time to find a couple you unfamiliar interlocutors.

Maybe you have a guitar that you long ago abandoned. Find her and try anything to play. It will definitely make you smile. Remember when dad helped you to make a bow as a child? Can build with friends something like that and arrange something like paintball. It can be anything important to you it brought pleasure. Maybe it’s time to do something with their hands? Structures, something useful. To be useful, or just eye pleasing. It should be able to every man. So keep up. So, your friend will look at you as a child, but she’d really like. However, as you.

We once again tried to convey to you that in order to be happy you need something to do. Something not complicated and very easy. Only you know what you specifically need, but we are always happy to tell you.

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