What I’ve learned after moving to another city

May be useful where they were born, those who so desire. I just couldn’t. After high school (had the courage), I lifted up my ass and rushed to search for happiness in another place. Why not? While I’m still young and can afford it. Suddenly in a new place I will find happiness? About this I, in General, explained his planned, but still creeps up unexpectedly leaving his family and friends. It took a year and a half, and I’m still here, despite the fact much cooler than they were when they left their hearth and home. Due to what cooler? Oh, many things.

1. You can always find a job

The important thing is to look up and look right. I would not say that you have finished prestigious University and lots of things, but just work with no problems. When I say such arrogant phrase, mom immediately asks me knock on wood: and suddenly jinx? I’m not that superstitious, but still, as a rule, knock: there are signs to check in practice not particularly desirable.

So, when you aim to find a job, you’ll find her. Even if at first it will work not on a speciality: who prevents you to find in your free time something more appropriate? Never hesitate to offer itself, even if the ad require applicants utter experience or skills that you do not own (understandable and reasonable). The ads always write about my ideal, from which the world is far: I’d like to get in a month is ten thousand dollars, but I agree. Employers can see in you a suitable candidate, even if you don’t meet all the requirements.

Was summary at random, even if one is not required. Go to all the interviews. Opportunities in fact, more than say the whiners who are too lazy to tear ass on the couch.

2. You’re a lot stronger than you think

When someone else listens to my story, he invariably rounds off the eye and says: «this is what you give! I couldn’t do that». Nah, man. You could, if you had no choice. You really can meet the most minimal budgets. You actually can survive the betrayal of a loved one, to raise his head and move on. Can you not go down and not become homeless when they lose in a strange city rental housing, even if you have two weeks to spend at the station. You can work for ten to twelve hours a day and even seven days a week. You can survive in conditions of severe stress. You can fight back even the most terrible and vile boss, and he will start to respect you. In short, dude, you hidden deep abilities and capabilities that are just waiting to extreme situations to break out. You underestimate yourself and one day it will understand.

3. You understand something much better than the other

Before I moved, it seemed to me that I’m sort of a middling, if you compare my knowledge and skills with what they know and can do working in my industry people across the country. Know what I realized? I’m cool. Of course, not the world’s best scientist and not an expert in all matters, but I’m good. I’m competitive. I have room to grow, but up to certain heights I’ve grown. It’s nice to warm my ego.

4. You are much more valuable to the family than I thought

I used to think that I’m not especially attached to the house. For me it was a common thing to go in the summer trip hitchhiking around the country and its surroundings, I considered this as a crucial opportunity to swallow fresh air before returning to his hole. When you deliberately and seriously leave the nest and start his own life somewhere thousands of miles away from home, begin to treat him with trepidation. You with interest and pleasure to call your mom and even grandmother or grandfather, texting Incontact with her younger sister lovingly bought before the New year to address their gifts from what sites. It turns out that you’re a nice family type.

5. Everywhere there are good people

And everywhere there are bad. In short, everything is everywhere. Don’t believe when someone says that all villains and scoundrels gathered in a particular region or country. They did not think! There are always people willing to help, and people willing to trip you. No need to treat everyone like a piece of shit that people understand this relationship and pay you the same coin. You would think, in your hometown all good, cute and intelligent.

6. We are all the same

This is a logical consequence of the previous paragraph. No matter what city it is listed in your passport on the page «Registration». We all strive for the same goals, dreaming the same, fear the same and have good (and bad) sense of humor. When you realize that there are no significant differences between people from different regions of not only the country but the entire planet, it becomes much easier to interact with them.

7. Happiness is not waiting for you either in one particular place

Not in the sense that you’ll never be happy. Be. Only, this condition does not depend on where you stay. I would not say that I became happier after moving to a different climate and time zone. Appeared satisfaction from the achieved goals, but the pleasure is not happiness. Then it disappeared, and the level of happiness returned to its normal level. And then a miracle happened: I met my friend, it so happened that at the new location. And you know where it was, I doubt that we will become less happy. Of course, the Arctic circle and the Sahara in this statement, I had not considered, and in other cases I am sure that happiness does not depend on space and society.

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