What is the nature and how to develop it

Work.com.ua_11.09.2014_ih2gJYfU95g0QYou know, time passes and everything changes, even our vision of the world. I think you didn’t notice. As society shifts from production to consumption and people’s brains are cluttered up with all sorts of things, not difficult to guess that they no longer understand each other. Sometimes we can’t even understand what the warehouse man and what his character.

This same character now plays virtually no role. Why? Maybe because now the determining factors in choosing a partner are: money, clothes, fashionable and unloved hobby? No, we don’t judge all. But there’s no denying the progression of this smelly trend.

We are to ensure that the value of the person’s character almost lost in our time. So maybe it’s time to revive the good traditions? I don’t want to drive on the current generation, it is necessary to do something to educate them in person. So let’s try to do it. Just for starters you need to learn a few things:

1. What is the nature

We have to know how to hunt. The etymology of the word «character» is eloquent enough. In Greek nature is the distinguishing feature or mark on the soul. So a little bit of encyclopedic knowledge, man. What may be the character? Well, for example: intellect, thoughts, ideas, motives, intentions, temperament, judgment, behavior, imagination, perception, emotions, love and hate. All this forms a person’s character.

In contrast to temperament, character is acquired, not given to you from birth, so that he can change. The balance of these components within the soul of every man, and to what extent one or the other dominate over the other — this makes the character unique and separates one person from another. However, don’t think that character is synonymous with only personal tastes, temperaments and preferences. Things like preferences in clothes, music, or concepts such as introvert or extrovert — they have virtually nothing in common with the character.

2. Why do you need to work on character

Become a man of character means — to live a more disciplined and less selfish. So why choose such a difficult way?

Classical and biblical cultures believe that a person’s character is directly tied to the health of society as a whole. «The steady character of our countrymen,» said Thomas Jefferson, «rock to which we may safely moor. It is the temper and spirit of the people, preserve a Republic in vigor».

All properly noticed, without the character of the people you cannot trust and justice, therefore impossible and stability. This is one of those cases that reminds us that in order to change the world for the better must first begin with yourself. We need to educate myself a man with character. Make yourself the guy you can rely on and which will have their opinion on any topic.

3. How to develop character

To begin, I advise you to ignore the outside world, not for long, of course. You need to rethink your life and understand for yourself if you have actually a character or did you Slezska mumbles. If you realize that actually you were never objective, what in your opinion are always influenced by someone else more weighty opinion, it is time to work on yourself.

If you witness any discussion, then try not to speak, and just watch those who can argue for others. Underline the main characteristics and mannerisms of each of the opponents. Nature is not a means to prove it against all odds. I have an opinion and cry and I’ll shut your throats.

While blankly watching others. Every day someone is doing something nasty, someone jealous, someone who likes to lick ass. You have to look at all this circus and to understand what the character model for you more acceptable. To cultivate a character only to reverse themselves. It is very difficult and need? Maybe if you were born jealous bitch, then it’s fate and it does not need to argue?

You need unity with you and mount wise books. No, not a motivational flyers, and classical literature. In the books you can see a lot of characters, a lot of carriers of these characters. You can see how you look from the side and you have to change to become better. So grab your library card and go to the library.

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