What is the meaning of life?



Good afternoon, guys.

To me already 24, but this question I began to ask myself 10 years ago. What do you think is the meaning of life, and if so, what is it?

Nobody knows the answer to this question. No wise man, philosopher, scientist still do not understand what life is and why it was needed. Born, lived and died. What’s the point?

manygoodtips.com maybe something wise and experienced and knows the answers to many questions, but here we are, together with the sages and other learned men standing on the same side — don’t know.

Probably every man himself comes up with the meaning. Someone the meaning of life is creativity, career, achievements, children. But if to think globally, it all seems meaningless, because everything is only temporary. Live, survive, something, reach, and then die, you get eaten up by worms.

We don’t know why the universe exists, an infinite number of planets and galaxies. Perhaps it is not for us to understand because we are not sufficiently developed yet. I would like to get answers to these questions, but right now we don’t know them.

Looking for the meaning of life can be fun and can be depressing. When we start to boot, then look at the Tits and are distracted from the sadness of life and tormenting the soul of the questions.

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