What is the difference in age is permissible for a serious relationship?



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And now the question itself. What do You think, is there any marginal difference in age for a serious relationship? It so happened that I fell madly in love with a girl 15 years older than she is in me too. I’m even willing to marry her, but, most importantly, her mother strongly opposed, and all others also say that the difference is very huge. I myself am in communion with her did not notice that this difference prevents us, of course, there are certain things, even if the fact that she has more life experience, but that does not stop. I believe that we can continue that relationship but how to convince her mom? The girl from her very.

The answer

Hey, dude! Thank you for your trust and for being asked such a serious question. You know, even now do not want to laugh off such things in life, we, the men decided to discuss with you privately. But since we have no way to debate, for example, in the bar, we will try to help with advice here. As I read your letter, involuntarily asked a question: «And how old is he?» We take it for granted that your friend a little more than 30, and you’re at least over 18 (sooo hope so). Then there is another, equally important question: why is your fiancee so dependent on mom? They still live together? No, I do not think I in any case do not want to hurt you. Moreover, I believe that love is for all ages. LOVE, you know? And here over billions of years of existence of the Earth there is no single recipe – just take it and love. If you feel you feel self-conscious, grown-up feeling, not girly «butterflies in the stomach», consider yourself lucky. If it’s mutual, you’re all hero: not every man at a young age ready to take responsibility of the relationship with the older girl. But it’s more like a good story, in real life there are several aspects that are worth to remember.

Most often we see relationships where the man is older than his lady, and this phenomenon could not be better described by Evgeny Grishkovets: a young girl is easier to surprise and win over her easier to maintain. Hence the constant divorce, the fault of which the beautiful and slender, crumbling family. But we do not know in your situation too, there is something to ponder. Who you are for your girls: the opportunity to tell the world that she’s still young and attractive, or a mountain, wall, pillar and support? Feel a bit strange, you’re asked only a few questions, and I piled a whole bunch of them already. I hope that in all this there is a touch of rationality.

Therefore, limit the age difference is definitely not. But remember that family life is not only a lovely stroll in the Park and trips to the cinema on the last row, it is also a way of life. Sitting on the neck of his lady is not exactly on our way. You will want to pay bills and buy food, you will need to work, not forgetting about studying. Hence we can conclude: if you want to convince the mother of his girlfriend – convince her of their power and prospects. If you really serious about this, you honor and praise. Another thing is that you are taking an important step: transformirovalsya from a green teenager from the guy with work and family concerns, missing the carefree time students when it is appropriate to seek «his way». Graft all life on the work for work’s sake is also not an option.

Don’t forget that you will find a lot of psychological tests. From your peers, who will never understand your romantic mood. From your relatives who wanted to see you young Princess. From the friends of your girls probably already have a certain position in society and family matters. From the strangers who will openly stare at you. And the most serious from your girlfriend when she become older and inevitably to complex for this reason. Nature played us a strange trick: guys, if I keep myself in shape, and 40 can be 25, and the weaker sex more difficult – the first wrinkle 30 can cause a two-week depression and expensive operation.

In General, man, remember that love is a unique thing. Feel the strength and confidence? Card in hand! Even if it so happens that you break up after some time (hypothetically), you’ll get invaluable experience. And it is sometimes more important than anything else. If it comes to a wedding, and we sincerely hope you can call this event the entire editorial manygoodtips.com we would be pleased (although we, of course, unlikely to come)!

The age difference is less of a hurdle than your age.

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