What is Steve Buscemi but the eyes and smile

There are people canonized. Despite the fact that they have no 856 yachts, 24 adopted children, 450000 mistresses, they never beat cell phones cops, evicted the elderly, not extinguished cigarette butts on children and did not show at every opportunity. And the weird thing is, despite the fact that they have few main roles. And why? Because they have charisma, and they don’t have to make movies with the budget of the Kostroma region and the level of acting is zero. A lot of people, but Steve Buscemi stands out. Man, that looks like Gollum, managed to crazy town and country, girls and boys, children and animals.

«Your eyes are the most delicate in the world»

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the eyes of Steve Buscemi is the gateway to hell. Inflamed, disgusting, funny, pale pink eyelids, its structure is vaguely reminiscent of newborn rats, which fall pale gray eyes, at the time, received a separate portion of the glory. Do you remember those few weeks when the trends were pictures of stars and animals which are put to photoshop eyes Buscemi? It’s interesting to look at Natalie Portman and see the main character of the TV series «boardwalk Empire».

But it is not enough just to be born with eyes resembling the female genitals, the vagina, from which falls a billiard ball, they need to play, not just goggle them.

By the way, the eyes like all the other details peculiar appearance, was not the result of alcohol-drug diet, but the gift of God. After all, without its peculiar physiognomy he would be a regular actor, and to win honor in our days the title of «man-meme», he would have to scream in every movie Nicholas cage.

The son of the chief of dermacai

Steve is a typical self-made man, has achieved through work and patience. No one did not pay for it, not attached. Parents who worked as a plumber and a waitress and were forced to feed four parasites, not very happy about the decision of the son to become an actor. Father talked about the fact that this mug can play only corpses, trying to channel the overflowing energy on something more profitable, stable and able to provide him a peaceful old age.

But immediately after school threshold Steve went to submit documents to the College of liberal arts and having studied for one semester, dropped out because the tuition money my parents had. As a result, the father who believes that all money should be earned by labor, convinced Steve to take the documents and the necessary examinations for fireman. Answer had to wait for three years.

And before that, he had worked as a fireman, a waiter, a newspaper man, a loader and an ice cream. He especially liked to put the ice cream in the cups. He even had his own truck and what not. Buscemi knew all the guys in the area knew how much they go outside to play. And here he showed creativity — filmed, and then pasted the pictures on the truck that I learned. At that time he was seriously thinking about how to continue to be: to be an ice cream or to make the acting dream. In the end, many years later, Buscemi reflected this situation in his movie «Under the shadow of the crown». He never considered these years of wandering in vain. Not because his young life was a huge source of inspiration, but because he has got a very important as — normal attitude of labour, whatever it was.

My father worked as a plumber. I don’t think he ever felt shame or something like that. He started as a simple worker, and ended with the assistant foreman. In addition, he was paid well: after all, he worked for the city of new York, and we then moved from Brooklyn to the suburbs of long island. No, I was always proud of his father.

Firefighters weekdays

After three years of wandering Buscemi in the end adopted in the fire service — this business he devoted four years of his life. And then he met two stray actor, revived his passion for acting and taught some tricks. Since then the work of firefighters has turned into a means to an end, not the meaning of all life.

The guy scrimped and saved money to collect for study. Once it has collected the required amount, immediately resigned, moved to Manhattan and enrolled in the Theater Institute.

The fire left a big imprint. As said Buscemi: «it’s scary to jump into the fire. But when you see that around you are your comrades are doing the same, once there is confidence, you run to help them. The consciousness of a common cause makes you strong».

When a fucking plane just hit the twin towers, turning the heart of new York city in cinder dust, along with his comrades of the volunteer fire team Steve took part in the rubble. Of course, not for fame, just helping his hometown.

When you look at Buscemi seems like he’s fragile like a 12-year-old girl. But the guy who worked as a firefighter and dragged gravity, stronger dozens strong by nature the «meat» of louts.

Buscemi as an actor

Over the years, Steve has transformed from a simple pop-eyed kid in a machine and one of the most distinctive actors. Movies Steve Buscemi always impress with their brightness and diversity of images. But despite the demand and a lot of talent, Steve Buscemi mostly plays a secondary role. The Directors have the pleasure of inviting him to her, because 100% sure I can handle any role. He transforms into his character, studying his character, customs, habits. For example, when Steve was given the role of an employee of the morgue, he visited the morgue (of course, not as a patient), talked to the employees that work there, and the screen turned into an image.

For the first time the public started talking about Buscemi after the release of the film «Parting glances.» Steve played a musician dying from AIDS. He appeared on the screen for a few minutes, but many remember it. About Buscemi talked about as a young and very promising actor, and has since started his creative career, which, in General, continued to match the algorithm «appeared for a few minutes and remember».

In 1990, Steve Buscemi met with the Coen brothers, starring in two films: «Miller’s crossing» and «Barton Fink». And in 1991-m to year Tarantino called him to play in «reservoir dogs». For Buscemi, this film was a breakthrough. The first is so bright and mrazota the role of Mr. Pink, picked up the diamonds.

The audience liked the characters Buscemi from such films as «Fargo», proves that the role of the villains he plays particularly well. Then there was con Air, in which he played and body, and facial expressions, and eyes. Well and where without «the Big Lebowski» — the Comedy about carpets, hippie, Vietnam vet and bowling, which largely influenced this magazine. Its cute, susposedly partner main characters of bowling Donnie, who had a remarkable talent for saying the wrong thing, and even after death, in a state of dust, not able to properly unwind.

Perhaps, only in «boardwalk Empire» old, shrunken, krivozubov and damn talented Steve plays a strong, morally stable character that does not die.

And not just an actor

Hero Simon Pegg in the Comedy «How to lose friends and to force all you to hate» claimed that «con Air» is the best film in the world because it has everything. Cage for women, Malkovich for drama, Buscemi for Comedy…». That’s just Bush — it’s not Adam Sandler, not some outdated clown, but a very serious actor, screenwriter and Director. «Stay among the trees», «animal factory», «the Wives of baseball players», «Lonesome Jim» and «Interview» are not passable comedies. It is a rich, deep drama, masterfully embodied and, as in the case of «Rest…» and «Interviews,» perfectly played by the Director.

Of the three arts that I know — acting, directing and literature, the most difficult for me is the third. You know, I just like it and have to take notes on anything that comes to hand, burn one word.Although for most he remained senseless Donny, no one doubts his acting talent. If it is not love for acting, love for looks. In any case love, often it is much more honorable than just respect. Pictures of respected people do not put in the frame instead of cards of their relatives, as did the guy from Wisconsin. It is clear that any Buscemi is good as Apollo, the effect would be blurred, but the beautiful lot, and a talented and unique — units.

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