What is so good Housewives?

manygoodtips.com_17.02.2014_FCE4ayjxZCSkTLurkmor coined the concept of «educated bride». Some call them the TA Home Edition. This is a girl who always tries to learn five easy degree at the University, and in the fourth year finds a boy who binds to himself a child and doomed to eternal service of his beloved. These girls are particularly not interested in anything, and the meaning of life – to scrub floors and cook that good so got them married. The meaning of life these ladies is a beautiful ring, the kitchen, the children and never to work. But I was somewhat surprised to find that many guys make these girls for the comforts of life. For example, the hero of this article. Since I had experience with a housewife, I decided to recall something good in the life of an educated bride? Because I’m a terrible sexist, but rather, a sincere hater of certain groups of girls who live in low-lying desires, I will add some very infuriating flaws, to be objectively.

1. Home waiting for you FOOD

The most beautiful thing you can expect from domesticated girls, is the food. They consider it their duty to feed her husband to such a state that love will last forever, and the heart from cholesterol plaques stopped to forty years. If she sits at home all day, surely you’ll enjoy a sumptuous three-course dinner. When one of my friends started living with a girl, he’s a few months gained six pounds, despite the fact that she went with me to the gym, and all because a girl was cooking him dinner three meals, not counting the first one. Type to choose. And there was salad and dessert. To stay realistic hard the girl tried. Its a little worried that you don’t want to eat from the lunch that you stick within certain limits, not to gain weight, or that you have a special diet for training. She will be offended if you don’t take her chickens under minascom and supica with duck beaks. Attempt to cook in such quantities is a desire to prove that she is a decent girl and… a worthy candidate for marriage.

2. The house is always clean

And cooking large quantities of food and cleaning – things that are extremely important for domesticated girls. If you do not know how cool to scrub the toilet, clean the floors to a mirror Shine and remove stains of soup with Mikey, you will never get married, and this means that you will never be able to develop your personality. What a sad story. You know, dude, those girls don’t want to satisfy your parental instinct, don’t want to surrender to a strong male – all this is complete pseudo-scientific crap. Everyone, if you remember the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and several such theories, wants once ate and drank, held as a person, he envied, and he was no worse than others. For these girls a way to Express themselves is to marry a promising young male and cut him over 40 salads for all major holidays.

You’ll never have to wash a dish, maybe a couple of times on the eighth of March. Washing floors every day, dishes in the sink, too, will not, and will toilet so best washed and to get on his dirty ass will somehow not comme Il faut.

3. Thy friends will greet with bread and salt

Or rather, beer, chips, nuts, cheese plate, chicken in breadcrumbs and other nishtyak, which are difficult to eat for a week, or even two. She is always friendly to your comrades, or rather, she seems nice, because it’s necessary, because it should behave the perfect girl. In her understanding, of course. For decency she will sit with you for a while, smiles, and will abandon the party in Tekken feigned horror («Violence!» «Video games!») and go sit in the kitchen with the other girls or in a corner with a book. Or dump somewhere. If you want this relationship to yourself and your friends, the girl-a housewife. But don’t wait so she took an active part in your life. The maximum that she can squeeze out, sitting on the couch, batting her eyes and laughing in unison with all. She’s a pretty boring personality, with time, you realize it particularly well.

4. She will meet you

At home (at least until marriage or pregnancy) she is always well dressed. Often easily painted. On the threshold of the house you are met by the smells of the girl in Slippers, which stretches to kiss you on the cheek and invite to the table. It’s so nice, so strengthens the belief in traditional family roles, which automatically increases the virtual length of the penis many inches.

5. She refrains from actions that can jeopardize the relationship

With her strange point of view. You only hint that you don’t like her friends, she will meet them very rarely. If you were to say that his suspicious comrade too often she writes she deletes it from friends. She rarely visits bars, not so often out of the house, and all this just to let you know how great she is. Your humble servant once rented an apartment with this dude and girl. I then freelancer and almost every day sitting at home, so I constantly saw how she was sitting in her room and only came out for tea on the street for sour cream for the pie. It’s a little scary, to be honest, and brings to mind locked in the room of the Slavic women.

It’s time to talk about the fact that domesticated educated brides are bad.

1. They are boring

In fact, I really don’t like such ladies. They are correct, boring, I cook, sew and revealing frown from any violence. With them you can never discuss a film, play, joke dirty jokes. Almost all leisure passes separately, which is not common.

2. Only they could give a dish such as stuffed chicken pancakes stuffed with pork and eggs


Yeah, man, this dish really exists. It to me girl from the office showed. Such dishes a lot, and they seem to hint that we had nothing to do this person. Perhaps she considers herself a creative person, when constructing a regular snake of a mayonnaise layered salad?

3. She and others like her girls will demand from you like that stuff


They will be offended if you don’t give them Valentines or another of the Golden ring on his birthday! It is important for them to let you know that their favorite roses – it’s teaspoons, not yellow, not white, and that is tea. And bouquet have to be lush, it should hang fine flowers and some grass like a tree. Of course, a vase of flowers will be outweighed by such severity, but it is so beautiful, damn girlfriend jealous!

Summarizing all what is written above, I will say that I do not know how to love these fake girls. With them very comfortably, especially if they are accustomed to not cook so much food and not use so much mayonnaise, but you want such a relationship? A person need to walk close to home in the evening, to talk and to understand that you’re very interested, but she, personally for me, this was not.

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