What is silent and what he says in the office normal dude


We already told you how to behave at a new job the first day and even more: in the first week. But what remains a big question for many dudes is a topic that should and should not choose to communicate with colleagues in the office.

It seems natural to be confident in the people you see every day with whom you share their concerns — but life teaches us that trust is a very selective thing. What is deceptive is this discrimination? Often we ponder on who you trust, not where we actually should try it trust.

Work is not a place where you can be honest with. Why? Let’s play a word Association game.

Business… production.

The results of the… evolution.

The struggle… the competition.

Weakness… elimination.

When you show your own weakness, your colleagues will notice and will remember it — consciously or unconsciously — it doesn’t matter. And it will not pass you unnoticed.

The best way to rise and gain authority in the workplace is to keep everything personal to yourself and remember that in this world nothing is impossible to be sure. When and if the company you work for, will decline, you don’t want to set you free, because the girl from another Department knows what can get you to squeal.

Now, you know? Therefore, in the world and there are secrets to keep them secret with extreme caution.

As with everything, what are you doing in this world, creating your image at work, you need to strike a balance. You can’t just sit here like a moron and not to communicate with the guys who sit in the same office — that’s cold. So you will certainly reduce at the first opportunity.

Try neutral variant different non-committal jokes about things unrelated to your office — this should be a good approach. It is not necessary to openly try to hit them — just from time to time raise the visor: you’re also a man.

Here are some examples of how to communicate with colleagues, keeping a distance and remaining nice to them.

As you can tell

1. Geography

Where are you from, where you went, where you went. It is absolutely neutral topics of conversation — they are good anytime anywhere, particularly at work. Than these topics are good for the job? Can you vividly describe this place to show that you can articulate your speech and that you have something to tell — and this is important. You don’t want to be boring. Again, you don’t want to tell anything personal — and it is a great way out.

2. Crazy relatives

This is a good way to please people, to amuse them and not to sound vulnerable. Everyone in the family has a crazy relative, and always the place to discuss it no matter who you have to work. Moreover, then you even begin to ask about your eccentric uncle to hear a new story — this will distract attention from your personal life. This is your goal is to talk about what interests you, but not so straight that it became the subject of gossip.

3. Couch conversation

Talk about the things you usually do, sitting on couch: about food, movies, books. And again, this is another opportunity to present itself to the public as educated and experienced, but, more importantly, it will never come back to bite you. Easy way without risk to communicate with colleagues.

4. Good, positive feelings

Tell me something good. Make a tiny compliment to someone, but so that it is clear that you treat it well, with sympathy. So you gradually become indispensable in the company and be on a friendly footing with the staff, and they do not even notice. It may seem that we advise you to kiss someone’s butt, but it’s not the same. Just if you’re good at heart — show it. It is not necessary to hide.

The opposite is true: it is not necessary to share negative emotions with anyone. Mainly because you don’t need to such your speech who heard, but also because it shows you are not very dedicated to the company, and when the time comes to cuts, someone will remember this random episode, and even in different ways.

What to keep secret

1. Bashing from the boss

This is the first rule of Fight club. Whatever you do, never talk about your boss. Positive and negative comments can then be transferred to anyone and under any sauce — if they hear someone to hear them is not necessary. Under any circumstances don’t tell your boss, unless you want to risk your career. If people ask your opinion about it, get away with a neutral comment or tell me you don’t know him well enough to draw conclusions. Keep your eyes open.

2. What are you doing in the bathroom and toilet

This is not a topic for discussion. Strange that I do have to say this, but many guys have no idea why this should not be done. No.

3. Sex

Not sure how, but this topic sometimes POPs up in the workplace. If this happens in your office, refrain from the discussion, did not comment on this topic. Although you have can be a funny story that might cheer up dudes — but the female part of the office, she will clearly have no taste, and even sets up the girls against you. These stories share with your friends outside of work — if you want to. But it is not necessary that you be associated with sexual tales at work. Nothing good is not over.

4. Patterns of behavior

Patterns of behavior, even good, is very personal. Don’t tell people, how do you usually react to certain situations that has happened to you in the past. I was convinced on a private experience, when one took a job. I was told that the school I had bouts of anger, but I overcame them. And looked at me with horror, but also not invited to the final interview stage. And all this just because I answered honestly to the question: «What is the most important change happened in my life?» In General, I realized that you can speak the truth about himself at work, but not the whole truth — it’ll do you harm.

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