What is required to achieve a man to 30 years


For many, the number thirty is a magical and important. The young guys are counting on this figure and at the same time afraid of it. This number is a result of the most productive years of life, after thirty youth opens in a strict and static maturity, which is every day approaching the border of the most unpleasant in the life of any species – to old age.

In thirty years do you want to be at the peak of their possibilities, where you will have both money and respect, and a favorite thing. But in the meantime a huge crowd of people just starting to live at this time. Others simply fall into a stupor from his impotence. They spent my youth on real nonsense, and now do not know what to take, do yourself terribly behind fulfilling life. These people really lived, not tasted the fruits of civilization, honest work, well-deserved awards, their knowledge is meager and primitive. In other words – is full of longing. This should not be.

On our mail, meanwhile, regularly receive similar questions from readers: «What should a man reach the age of 30?» We talked about this with different sauces, but today finally decided to compile a list of real cases, is far from psychology but close to our real life, which is to experience, to learn, until you were thirty. If he knew in his youth at least, to regret the past never will. And most importantly – you will have the chance to enter into the maturity of a wise and strong man.

1. Good physical shape

Thirty years for many in an age when just beginning to think about their health and well-being. Guys find ailments in the heart, liver, lungs, which were not even aware. Beginning to enroll to the gym, eat healthy food, trying to fix the irreparable. You have to remember that part of free time of youth should devote its form to avoid all these problems in the future, which arise almost every. To thirty years, you have to develop some positive habits, which would include sport, exercise, and your attitude toward fatty foods, alcohol and cigarettes. Health is a Foundation that is better not to shake. In thirty years you shouldn’t be a problem with this.

2. Mandatory skills


Man, contrary to modern stereotypes, should be able to stand at the stove and campfire or grill. Cooking is largely a male occupation. In your twenty you need to master the basic skills of the culinary arts: what knives to use, how to cook over a campfire how to choose products and how to use wine in cooking. Further, these skills are developed, transformed into the likeness of a hobby. Not necessarily to learn the wisdom of Greek pastries, but the deeper skills of handling poultry, fish and meat never hurt anyone. The same can be said about alcohol. Even if you don’t drink, you still have to understand it and to keep at home a bottle or two of wine or the ingredients for some cocktails. In fact, the ability to prepare simple cocktail is good manners, when your house guests appear.

3. Hands from the right place

Roughly speaking, you should be able East make a bookshelf out of plywood or solid wood that you can find at the hardware store (let it be homely, but their own!). It happened, and it is good that a man isn’t a man if you do not know how to use construction tools and does not know the scope of their application. And the point here is not to save money, and, above all, in the knowledge that you own something to fix, something to fix, something to build. Your woman, among other things, will appreciate it. And we should start by learning basic manual skills.

4. Reading is the ideal habit


Reading has never guaranteed success in your career, business or personal life. However, it ensures that you keep your mind sharp, especially if you will read not only entertaining literature. We recommend you to read at least two books per month: one art, the second is scientific, technical or journalistic. The beauty of this strategy is that to read these books in parallel without getting lost in information. It does not need to beat all the records and try to read more than you can absorb. A good book is not a film that can be forgotten the next day. In any case, to thirty should develop the habit of regular reading. With what books to start? So their darkness, even to manygoodtips.com here, for example, one of the kosher lists of references.

5. Have a taste

Good taste is not an innate skill, it needs to be cultivated. 20 it is possible not to pay attention to this, because you really don’t expect anything, you’re cool as can be, and I’m glad random wins. But closer to thirty, you finally begin to think that the saying «meet on clothes» is not only meaningless, but also true. At thirty it should be understood that suitable to your figure, what shoes to wear on a date, what hairstyle suits your face type, why some glasses are not suitable for you, and the other into the season. Appearance in thirty have to be perfect, even if you work somewhere on the site (it has its own specifics, but the essence does not change). This may seem a trifle, but such trifles and give the impression of a confident man with which to deal.

6. Serious journey behind


No one is saying that after thirty you and to stick his nose out of his native city can not. But still the journey in journey 23 and 33 – a completely different energy and ideas. Any person needs to taste the air of exotic foreign land, to realize nuclear cultural differences and to understand that life is not limited only to Russia, and that people can live very differently.

When we talk about a serious trip, I mean a real introduction to life in another country. Not a friendly hotel with mini-bar, and being in a dirty and screaming crowd, the largest market of Algeria. Not a pool with a Martini and a machete that cuts through the jungle, facing towards the primitive tribe, which leads you crazy guide. Even today such a trip is possible, if only there was a real desire and less excuses (the crisis, the tickets are expensive, who is going to work). When you’re laying a hundred year old grandfather on the bed, then you won’t remember the crisis will not remember their working lives, but the travel to remember you.

7. Driving skills

Even if you have no car, it doesn’t mean you won’t later. Driving is one of the most practical skills on the planet. If you have mastered the car, maybe try a motorcycle or water transport? It is unknown where the tides of your life in the future, maybe grab a hectare in the far East, will build a wooden hut and you’ll catch crabs.

8. Main specialization + a couple extra


People don’t just have two or three diplomas – we are all protected from the vagaries of fate. And if you want to feel confidence in their future, it is better to develop professionally in different directions in order to thirty you had the main specialty (lawyer, for example) and a couple of others, if the main work will be all that bad. This is also useful for those who want to have additional income or wish to know not only profitable, and the «right» specialization, but also one that is delighted. Of course, better, when additional skills are born from the sphere of interests and Hobbies. After all, if you achieve some success before thirty, after can do your favorite thing without feeling any financial constraints.

9. Musical instruments

By thirty, you should learn at least one musical instrument. It is not necessary to learn the rudiments of music for this guitar at all you can perfectly play without knowing the notes. It is the music – an extremely useful exercise, think of Sherlock Holmes, annoying his neighbours by playing the violin. Playing musical instruments leads my thoughts in order, their structures, allows you to relax, activates mental activity. And I’m not talking about pleasure, which is much more than, for example, from computer games. Just don’t choose too complex a tool, the easiest to start with the guitar (electric), but if its sound you don’t like it, try the saxophone, he’s not the most difficult instrument to master.

10. Business


You never know, yours or not, until you try yourself. Up to thirty it is possible to determine your entrepreneurial abilities to open a small business, successfully to fail or survive, to discover something more successful. You know, to be an entrepreneur any better, despite many problems than to be an office worker. Financial independence unleashes and gives you more opportunities to implement their ideas. However, if you want to try, start small, don’t take large loans and try to examine the alleged case as detailed as possible. Business is always a risk, but the risk is justified. And if it does not, then nothing, then, you should go on another road to happiness.

11. Marital status

We won’t talk about that by thirty you should have two sons, three daughters and four dogs. But it does not say, by this time you just have to understand what you want from their women what they want in terms of family and what efforts are ready to put in the way of family well-being. Some people and not to have children, they become unhappy, others can’t live without them losing the whole meaning of his existence. At the age of thirty need to make a decision: either you’re single and happy about it; or you live with a friend and glad of it; or do you want a wife and children and, Yes, friend, I’m glad. Have a good delve into his personality, to realize their own desires, because the decision will be decisive for the whole future life. Don’t think to look at the opinions of the latter-day advisors (friends, relatives, mother and father) – your way is special. So if the child is not yours, it is not necessary for them to have a better take of aquarium fish.

12. Politics and Economics


Men’s eternal theme, around which are always a lively debate. Thirty years should come to understand these things, cooling and shamelessly Patriotic, the opposition and disgusting views of the world. For this you need to read a lot of books that will look at politics and the economy from a professional point of view. This, in turn, will reduce the effect of emotions on your personality. You will cease to be guided by slogans, but will look to the root as possible. In thirty years, a fool to be dangerous – ‘ll get eaten alive. Confident man, devoid of illusions, is guided only by proven information and know why Barack Obama is called a socialist, and Doug Stanhope – libertarian.

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