What is remembered may 2015

May is the month totals. The end of the sports year, the end of the school year, the time of the finals, scoring as well as the latest volley of workaholism before the season of holidays and vacations. Remember how it was this may.

Patriarchia page


«The Internet is a sphere of communication, where a special responsibility for the clergy. And there should be empty and incorrect words, are themselves involved in the emotion at the time of the discussion.»

The PatriarchWho would have thought that the most discussed event in the online sphere will not out of the motives of crazy fighters of the 90s short film «Kung Fury», not a discussion of another crazy bill, and the emergence of a large gold plated drop of Holiness in the ocean of the Internet obscurantism. Long or short, and the Patriarch descended to the mortal hotbed of corruption and brought his page «Vkontakte». His Holiness is publishing extracts from his speeches, and simply engaged in self-citations.

Unfortunately, few people pay attention to the very interesting arguments on the subject of faith. It would have been useful to read for those who want to learn the next step of such a powerful organization like the Orthodox Church. So all going in the comments. In the comments and texts more interesting and more emotion. Mixed together a Declaration of love to His Holiness and caustic criticism. It is clear that the page does not personally by the Patriarch and not even a special Internet monk, and ordinary moderators, the press service of the Russian Orthodox Church who choose to «Saint quote of the day». Kirill himself has no time to delve into the seedlings of Vice, but the «trolls» is nice to know that their images sees personally to the Patriarch.

In fact, the Russian Orthodox Church trembled under the scourge of the folk of the Inquisition. If the old man Torquemada saw it, the cleansing fire was in every second house Internet sinner.

Here are some comments, most of which was erased, and their authors banned by the word of God and by the power vested in them Durov. We’ll refrain from posting cruel comments, because they are afraid of Roskomnadzor:


Advertising space, inexpensive.

how many gold temples need to pay for the surgery disabled child?

Comments rubbing? Banyat? Wrong, you’re supposed to carry the word of God.

And we have the Kiev Patriarch. You going to fight?

fuck, you on the TV show.

You pathetic bottom are just jealous of the life of the Patriarch and themselves want to live. But you are not allowed by God

if there is no God, then where did my money on spice? Checkmate, amethysts

Kirya, why are my comments removed?

Thank Cthulhu!

Tell me, the Patriarch of All Russia, in my city processions lead your priests at 8 am on weekdays overlapping the roadway. Maybe let your priests be gdenit on the road with a cross to scratch and hours somewhere in 2 nights?


Where to buy the same watch?



Sir, please recommend the anime.

Father, watched the new «Mad max»? Do you like it?

Michael, you moron, Christianity is aimed at reconciliation, not aggression. Deer, bitch.

And this is only a small part of the epic army review, which is replenished every second. After all, Patriarchy, and manygoodtips.com not afraid of criticism and grins at scathing reviews.



This month there were too many sports. That’s what we love may up often the football results. Ended domestic Championships, the winners, in all fairness. But the most anticipated event for all of the post-Soviet space was the final of the Europa League, because they played the Ukrainians. That would not have happened in this crazy crazy world, Muscovites cheer for you, dear Ukrainians! Therefore, all sincerely worried about the «Dnepr» from Dnepropetrovsk. Well, what to say, well done, «Dnipro», the fact of their presence in the final match made wonder the whole of Europe and left to do the famous clubs of Italy and Holland. But they didn’t stop and showed a good, tight football, losing to the more experienced and hot, «Seville», which won the Cup for the fourth time. Very pleased with the score (3:2) and a large number of points. Well done, looked more than worthy, and had a chance to win. And when you consider that the team is for obvious reasons not playing in their own stadium, the final price increases a hundredfold.

But what is striking Ukrainian event no anti-Russian provocation. The fact that «Garnier» Ukrainian boys burned the flag of Russia. But hurt Serbs. Why? It’s simple. If you turn our tricolor upside down, he will completely repeat the arrangement of colors on the flag of Serbia. The boys mother didn’t listen and apparently skipped geography, or maybe I just didn’t know how burning flags and ruined it in the «Serbian position.» In fact, this story, few people hooked, and brothers, the Serbs are not particularly resented. Experiences for Dnipro were stronger. Just a shame that a great sport, thanks to the careless freaks who will always be associated with politics. Cheer them on, and they are the flags of the wiring.

By the way, about politics in football. Hated by all Joe Blatter under General noise and disturbance became the President of FIFA. No one likes Blatter, but his rival was Prince of Jordan, whose trump card was that he is not Blatter. Here an unknown Arab and lost.

Blame Yose put that for many years the leadership of the main football body is rotten through and through, and every other functionary is a psycho and a thief. Like, holding World cups in Russia and Qatar had paid for the bloody oil money, and competition in the United States and England have been won dishonestly. My God, said Ivan Vasilievich (changing profession):

But best of all about football-related events in his trademark impeccable English spoken by the head of the RFU Vitaly Mutko.

«Tumorou WILL the Euro Asian… recomendacin… natsinal, asasn… maybe situeyshn,» the gangsta rap skul Frome Vitaly. U dont know English, AI Nou it. ITIC, Yu.



We wrote about the outcome of the world Cup of hockey. But if briefly, then… our lads really played well. Did the Americans, again. But in the final shamefully not fortanulo: 1:6 is too.



May is the month when the whole of Europe into the insidious lair of the pop songstress flock favorites, and is the major international political event of the month – «Eurovision» contest check-neighbourly relations. The best (and sometimes most outrageous) performers fighting for the crystal microphone and the right to spend huge amount for the organization of the next competition at home. Well, what to say about the competition… a Lot Conchita, a few good songs. But decided the main enemies of Russia San Marino and Lithuania, which gave us no points. However, other suspicious rained the rays of goodness and hospitality. Does the machinations of the state Department to divert attention. Maybe Europeans are just tired of this global tension? And so appreciate the performance. Minimum policy maximum objectivity. Without neighborly handouts not done, but the whole point of the contest. But a very unexpected countries gave us a high score, for which they thank you. Even Conchita appreciated the song Gagarin, the Russian singer with a hearty kiss upon his bearded mouth.

Of course, it couldn’t go past the guardian of morality Milonov, who called a good-natured girly kiss a disgrace to the Russian singer and strongly urged not to go to the competition because it’s a conglomeration of European vices. However, Conchita was seen on the couch of the Russian team during the voting. Really, what sane person would listen to Milonova.

In short, second place is very cool. Knowing the wide Russian soul and remembering Ponte Moscow competition, instinctively understand that in times of crisis, the next major expense the country will not survive. We almost won but didn’t win. Moreover, after the final there came a sigh of relief «moral compass», I am delighted that will not have to take all of these sodomites.

What I want to say in conclusion. Don’t remember the winner’s song. Most importantly, the song, sung by a singer from Malta, who took second place in 2005, I remember, but this year’s winner is no. Even the first verse of the song «Be my lover» of the group LaBouche know by heart, and do not remember at all. Or something wrong with the memory, whether the quality of the songs, however, became worse. I song Gagarina hardly remembered if it not spinning everywhere. By the way, this year has not been such a buzz around the competition, the contractor did not turned into a folk hero and not removed on this autobiographical action, as it was with a man named Cash. I do not remember this? And he was.

May 9


The next wave of patriotism swept the country and its inhabitants. This time was a novelty – action «Immortal regiment», in which millions of people marched with portraits of their heroic ancestors. The promotion is nothing bad, but the opposition media, as always, found something to complain about, are accused of insincerity, and the government in brainwashing people.

The state was divided into 2 opposing camps – the patriots and whistleblowers. Some spoke of the inappropriateness and absurdity of the holiday, posting pictures with trash, littered with St. George ribbons and posters of the «Immortal regiment». Others shouted about «grandfathers» were wrapping up cars saying «To Berlin!» and tied the ribbon where they can be attached.

Who is right and who is wrong? And those and others. Because after the only appropriate Patriotic action and stalled «Valves», the day after the seasonal rush of love for veterans and appeals to stop spending millions on parade, all again forget about the veterans of this terrible war.

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