What is motivation and where to get them?


Motivation now — the magical answer to any question. Why you did / did not? I was insufficiently motivated! That’s about and it all sounds shit. In fact, many people do not fully understand what «motivation» is such a strange superstitious belief in magical concepts. In fact it is a very important part of human life, which, in my humble opinion, it makes sense to be separated. But for some reason people stubbornly agree with her, but in vain.

The contents of motivation lies in the fact that it does not make sense, no one thing that you decided to do in the near future. The motivation makes sense to keep only on a regular basis, every day. It’s not as difficult as you think.

The main questions of motivation

First question: «What do I do if the motivation never me not coming?

Less important question: «What are you going to do?»

Motivation is the solution to your problems?

By the way, I often hear from all sides that if one man were more motivated, it all happened. All the people implying that this is a matter of motivation. And if not? If the motivation is simply the consequence of the problem or solution that you choose?

What was the primary? Motivation or action? It is a dispute in the spirit of chicken and egg. Motivation and action is the dance that makes these two objects are absolutely equivalent.

Motivation cannot be invoked on demand. Try to be there in a minute terribly motivated! Well? But the action is another matter. You can at least do the beginning steps. For example, the first step. To buy dumbbell, write the first page, to call Tom, whom you have offended. Everything is simple, right?

Want to find a job — send resume! Want to find a girl? Go to the places of their accumulation.

Misunderstanding of the question

An unfortunate misunderstanding of motivation is that most people think that first must come the appetite, and the urge to eat. So they wait for the sea weather, while the coming opportunities. Sometimes they are waiting for motivation when it’s time to do something! But again they forget that motivation is of two types. The first kind is «long term motivation» and «short term motivation». Short-term motivation is not more than flash or impulse of the soul. She quickly goes and leaves no trace in your soul. Sometimes she disappears during the execution of the work, so the work or rushes, or comes down with reluctance. Long term motivation — a strong, Mature sense. He is not affected by neither weather nor the news of the economy or in a bad mood. It’s just there.

How to develop long motivation

1. Write whatever you want on a leaf

You need to define your goals you want to achieve. Ask yourself all the necessary questions. How will you reach them? In what ways?

2. Write down why you want it

Of course, knowing what you want is essentially zero step. But still write it as a reminder of why you started it all. Ask yourself logical questions: «How will this affect my life?» «Why should I?».

3. The development of the plan

Killer of motivation is lack of knowledge and uncertainty. Of course, hope that you really can eliminate the latest, very, very stupid. You need to add clarity and a plan will help you do that. Suppose you are new to this, but banal 5-10 points at least will lead your thoughts in relative order.

4. Saddle the first step

Everything is ready, but you only have to make the first move.

5. Look at the result of the first activities

You have taken the first step. You planned and predicted. It’s time to look at the result of their handiwork. In a week, you can see at least a rough picture of how to develop your movement to the dream and finding the right long-term incentives. After a week you will know whether you made a plan do you really need what you’re going to go, and if the first fruits of success. The most banal example: to go to the gym to have a beautiful body. After three visits to swing in one week you will understand everything you need to motivate and storing the interest in the topic. If it didn’t work out, then you’re doing something wrong.

In addition, never forget that appetite may come in eating. Give an example yourself. The first month at the gym for me was like hell. I hated myself, I couldn’t understand why I go after work somewhere instead of coming home to eat. But after a month I really do not understand how can you live without labor activity. Now, for me, one missed class is equivalent to skipping brushing your teeth: it seems tolerable, but very uncomfortable.

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