What is money

manygoodtips.com_5.07.2014_r6ybWJiNkeiS1If you ignore the pop-up instantly in the head with cliches about money and the attitude towards them, you notice how sometimes there are distorted human notions 0o «filthy lucre». Mass culture is cluttered with all sorts of myths devoted to the chanting, or the belittling of a role of money. manygoodtips.com offers to deal with how actually should I treat money.

1. Money: it is a necessity

No, it’s not a luxury or a means of transportation. The money necessary for life in our society. The excess or deficiency of money leads to social inequality, conflicts, wars, etc. Themselves as money by itself is neutral.

2. Money help to fulfill the dream

People who earn capital for the sake of the capital’s miserable. Pathetic as well, and the one whose sole purpose is the acquisition of those or other goods. At the same time, we should not forget that money is help to realize your dream. No, not buy a dream or the car of your dreams, but to bring it to life. Let’s say you always wanted to be a writer, but a year or two to devote himself entirely to writing the novel may or the heir to a large fortune, or anyone who previously earned this status.

3. Money crazy

When it comes to money, it is easy to lose your head. Greed destroys human life — the classic story embodied in many works of art.

Not to be like the main character «Gobsek» for example, you need to keep yourself in hands. Never forget that you have money, and they are not you.

4. It is easy to become a slave of money

Nothing could be simpler: one has only to relax, and now money owns your mind. Not these pieces of paper to make you an obedient slave.

5. Follow the money

One way to prevent the enslavement you money is to analyze your own financial situation. A sober look at the money issue will help to avoid the euphoria of sudden big profits, as well as the shock of the loss of a particular amount. A rational approach like nothing else can cool your ardor

6. Money or self esteem.

Tough question, man. We manygoodtips.com we believe that the cornerstone must stand second. If you’re doing what you really love, sooner or later the money will find you themselves. What do you think?

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