What is important in work, in addition to the salary

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2016_WojZe5Hr84wIkCareer is an important part of your life time and value. For many people work is a General sense of the existence of all human existence. These guys we’re sorry about their loss. But do not forget that the job gives you opportunities. But every work has a positive effect on a man? What is important to consider when taking a job? What should pay attention when interning? Most people makes mistake when they fall into the «trap of a salary» because salary is not the only criterion of adequacy of the workplace. Read this text, a workaholic if you want to assess their working conditions, and use our advice, employer, if you want your subordinates to work more productively.

1. The credibility of the company

Of course, all first look at the salary, then the coolness of the company. Nobody wants to work in a small firm, which barely keeps its place in the market. Such work is dangerous because of its instability. Now, many go bankrupt, and therefore, it becomes a lot of hungry mouths who have lost their earnings immediately. So always pay attention to the stability of the company, its market share, its prospects. Reputable companies people want to work, and the company one day prefer to avoid. If you’re an employer, always stand out strong traits of their offspring. Tell newcomers about why your firm can be proud of, about winning, about some recognition about the human mission. Anyone who wants to be a part of something meaningful.

2. Prospects

No one wants to work at one place and in one position all your life, or even several years. You should feel the dynamics of a company that will allow you to occupy the best place in the sun: best salary, higher position, more important clients and stuff like that. Roughly speaking, if you have to go to the butcher shop, you have to understand that the owner of the shop will soon open two more, and you get to control one of them. If there is no such development if there are no speakers, you immediately receive that same feeling routine.

3. Amenities

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2016_qkysNfq5KI4fuWe won’t talk about the ideal, and we will tell directly about the things that have to be there where you are satisfied. In the first place is the toilet. Explain its necessity stupid, he understand everything. We believe that the office needed a cooler, and air conditioning. We should also mention the bloody window. If they face the sun, then, of course, needs to be hung. Then it all depends on the evaluation of their work. If you think that pulling on itself a firm, or perform a huge amount of work, then you have every right to expect that the office will not only be cooler but also a kitchen and a relaxation room. However, if you are an unremarkable office drone, then why should the employer pay you?

4. Personal space

It must be, otherwise farewell performance. If your office reminds you of an Indian bus, and places a few hundred people (even sitting on the roofs), it is better to look for another place. To work in close quarters is extremely difficult. You have to have your metres, with its own stand, its place in your coat, your things on the table, its box, and much more. It is clear that all this not yours, but the trick is that the person might feel familiar, not on edge and surrounded by hundreds of people who chafe against his baciami.

5. Psychological climate

It is very difficult to work productively when there hiss of a snake, ready to destroy you just to take your place or be a step above. Between the workers must be healthy competition, not a massacre with blood, as if it will be a massacre, then the company itself suffers. When you go to get a job, be sure to examine this issue. Ask employees to evaluate their friendliness. Sometimes, the people go just because they are under pressure, and presses not the boss, and colleagues with destructive behavior.

6. Informal events

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2016_rrGFBwU7vfO4BAt work people form a certain hierarchical community that we must support together. That’s where the necessary parties, joint trips and various parties. Similar strengthens the team, removes the operating voltage, allows you to escape. Besides, in an informal setting, you can always say what not to say during working hours. And this is a very good opportunity for the Director to identify conflicts, determine the specific problems of people.

7. Individual approach

The internship is a great opportunity to not only show their best qualities and to determine management approach, the competence of his boss. Who would not say that, but training is a very double-edged thing. Eyeing you, and you look to him. If the employer requires the impossible from you, or does not understand the system of your job in which you do manifest the best traits, ask yourself: «what if I need this job?» Pay attention to what tasks the supervisor assigns to you and others. Focuses on the person? Does he understand the difference between you and the guy at the next table? Good results in company is largely a consequence of good individual performance of the chief with his subordinates.

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