What is different sweatshirt from skinny

manygoodtips.com_6.12.2016_9uLt5KBOPdnzZIn men’s vocabulary there is no such words as «sweatshirt» and «longclaw». There are only three words: pants, jacket and sweater which denoted similar to each other’s clothes off. But the world, as we know, is not as simple as it may seem. Well it is impossible to call similar to each other like two drops of water things with different collars the same way. They are even jackets can not be called. Not all planets have names, but in each cloth their own rules. Therefore, in order to navigate the mass similar to each other clothes, learn to make out what is what.

Let’s start with such thing as a sweatshirt. The origin of the word «sweatshirt» draws our gaze to the distant literary past, the beacon of thought — Leo Tolstoy. He wore a tight shirt without a hood, which later became known as the hoodie. On each portrait, he thick wide long sleeved shirt — seemingly ordinary clothes of a Russian peasant, not like the modern sweatshirt. Significant was the fact that in the late 19th century, populists began to dress in such shirts, imitating the count. And called themselves the people of the Tolstoyans. Therefore, in these shirts and there was a second new and significant name sweatshirt, has firmly entered the lexicon much later.

And in the 70’s should be changed sweatshirts surfaced in the West, where urban youth malyuyuschie on the walls and rolling around on the boards, made it an attribute of his style that was similar to sports. So between Tolstoy and hip-hop have more in common than it might seem at first glance.


What many have called a jacket, is actually switchcom. This is a lightweight sweatshirt that is also warm and does not restrict movement. Remember the first movie of rocky. Stallone ran through dawn Philadelphia in sweatshirt stretched to thin, it is fought, it is washed, it is shaving. Comfortable practical clothes for all occasions.

In the twenties of the last century, the son of the owner of a factory producing underwear Benjamin Russell was hot to play football, and he complained about this to the father. Father, without thinking, began the manufacture of cotton shirts are casual, which can easily absorb sweat and will not interfere with movement. It is not known who came up with the name, someone thought up on a sweat — shirt and sweat — shirt. After this realization wearing a «sweaty shirt» is somehow not very nice. Well at least that «shirt» not «shit».

How to distinguish sweatshirt from peers? It’s very simple. First and foremost, it has no zippers, pockets and hoods. Only 4 holes that need to push hands, torso and head.


In addition, under the round neckline for the head have to be triangular insert. It should be a purely sporting past, because before it was absorbed sport sweat and ease of donning. Today she still regularly will absorb your selection, but if you’re so wet, it is better to consult a doctor.

Required attribute is the elastic band on cuff and waist. If not elastic, corrugated fabric. Again, they are for the convenience of execution of sports exercises.

But the most important difference, which can estimate not all men (because we rarely my fish tissue and look at its underside), is material. Sweatshirt made of thick cotton Jersey with a distinctive jagged underside (sometimes NAP).

Transformed in many years, clothes for athletes to casual item of clothing, the sweatshirt has become a cornerstone of casual style. Want — wear it with a coat, want a leather jacket, I want to — with sports pants. Everything will fit except the coat.


Lean is not a Irish last name and not even an insult. This is the kind of clothing that you in their ignorance call «hoodie». In General, those who are with the English language «you» would guess because in English «hood» — hood. A famous outlaw in green tights, Robert of Loxley got his nickname thanks to predatory remembered attribute.


Hoodies can be confused with the anorak light jacket with a hood, is also worn over the head. Especially if skinny front large patch pockets-«Roo», and the hood is loose lacing. But thin — not a jacket, it’s a hoodie, it is difficult to remember?

About jackets hooded very long did not remember, until the 1970s. Earlier, the hood was a lot of monks, but hip-hop pulled him out of oblivion and made the required attribute of urban culture. Since then, all the skinny skaters must have in her wardrobe at least one thin.

Lean is the ideal thing. Thanks to the soft material remains at a comfortable body temperature. So the sweatshirt can be worn in winter under a coat in the spring under a light jacket even in the summer, to take on the case, if the night be cold.


Longclaw, if you delve into linguistics, translated it as «long sleeve». That is, it is nothing like a t-shirt with long sleeves. For example, t-shirt long sleeve players can be called longsleeve. This can be a attribute of sports clothes and underwear, worn under a shirt or sweater.

You can wear it all year round, at any age, regardless of the complexion: as thin as a rail or smooth as… pick comparison itself, so we are unable to hurt you. It is on Longsleeves to apply the prints with the names gunarsa and small groups, sweatshirts and other clothing with long sleeve is operated less. Perhaps that is why there is an opinion that they look best with jeans.

To distinguish them from their counterparts is quite simple, because they, like t-shirts made from thin fabric and typically have a rounded neckline. Longsleve similar to a sweater, but with a slightly nipped waist. Some sellers and manufacturers use the term to refer to longsleeve sweater with long sleeves.


manygoodtips.com_6.12.2016_kTU30EqEB7dJ2Pullover (not to be confused with «pullover» — exercise fitness) — knitted or knitted, often fitting clothes without zippers V-neck.

The name it received due to the method of donning — «pull over» means «to drag from the top, fit on top.» Otherwise not wear, buttons no. Although the main feature of the pullover, which distinguishes it from other knit-knit «pants», not the buttons, and V neckline.

Initially, the pullovers were worn only by men, mostly athletes, because pullover was practical, not expensive and were incredibly comfortable. It was only later, closer to the 20-th years of the last century, they moved into the everyday wardrobe. Coco Chanel even tried to impose pullovers for women, but did not work — this attribute is still associated more with men who had the sense to wear them on a shirt with a tie. So many people think the pullover is an attribute of work, business style, not realizing that you can wear it (if it is not prickly or itching you can go crazy) on bare skin and combine what fit. Although even so the sweater gives business stereotype.


Any normal guy thinks pullover and cardigan are one and the same. But no, because sweaters round collar, as it can be pullovers? Gate round! The rest — all the same.

The roots of the sports clothes too — it was the clothing of athletes. Some athletes like to jump in the sand and over the crossbar, so that the name comes from English «jumper» «jumper». After the 50-ies of XX century, the jumper began to wear everything, and even women. Jumper is the most common type of knitted clothes, sweater is collarless with a round neckline.



We refer to sweaters, everything connected. From woolen threads, of course. But of course, it can’t be that simple. Sweater is a knitted garment without fasteners with a high collar. With high, not low. If it is below 3 sm — all, it’s a cardigan.

The origin of the word is the same sweaty, like sweatshirts: from the English «to sweat» to «sweat». The fact is that his first mass consumption of the sweater found at the end of the XIX century in Europe as clothing for weight loss. Doctors recommended to do physical exercise in a sweater, increasing the perspiration, promoted the fat burning. Soon it was appreciated forever zabrodie in the Atlantic sailors

which sweater was nicer fluttering in the wind scarf.

In the early twentieth century, the sweater was spread as sportswear for winter sports: skiing, skating, and then he joined the military uniforms of many countries for pilots, sailors, submariners. Wear it how you want, what you want, though ski skate, though transported the parcels on a plywood airplane.

By the way, except the collar (which must be), the sweater is distinguished by its composition. Everything is as we thought — he always knitted.



But do not confuse a sweater with a turtleneck, which is also called «banlon» or «Ballon» — in honor of the brand synthetic fibre, Ban-Lon. Turtleneck unlike sweaters made from a lighter fabric, in itself it is not that fat and definitely hugs the body. If not hugs — so you bought a size larger.

Turtleneck — a universal thing, in which it is possible to work to go to the theater. It is particularly solemn and dignified emphasize the sharpness of your bones, or delay breaks out the fat. It can be worn with the jacket or even cardigan.

But once it was a symbol of brave divers (in whose honor and called — they wore it under the suit), athletes, and young and wealthy aristocrats who could afford it. Since times have changed not only this, but the material — it has become more durable, elastic and crease-resistant.


All of the above we in everyday life call simple word «jacket». But in fact between them and the jacket is about the same difference as between Hugh Laurie and Mr. Alexandr Pankratov-Black. Jacket is exclusively knitted clothing with a zipper from top to bottom front zipper.

When my great-grandmother sweatshirts bore the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt. Needless to say, she looked quite different. And since 18th-century Scottish and Irish sailors wore it for warmth in the cold Northern seas. Of course, it was warmer, tighter, it started to add collars to, and to introduce a summer jacket attribute is quite difficult.

Wear sweatshirts everywhere and with everything. There is already more dependent on binding and color. It is important not to confuse it with the cardigan. At first glance — the same, but it is not so simple.


Cardigan — a product jacket, the filament from the filament. The main difference is that if a jacket may be worn to anything, then the cardigan — just for the buttons. If he’s on lightning — it’s not a cardigan.

Another main feature is the deep neckline, no collar. If the parade ends buttons under the throat, then this is the jacket.

Its a beautiful name cardigan was in honor of the Swedish band with a beautiful singer, and in honor of the Earl of Cardigan, who, according to legend, invented this kind of jackets are exclusively for warming the troops of his Imperial Majesty. The cardigan is more of a supporter of casual style, blends in with the classics. Under it is appropriate to tie a tie, shoes, classic shoes, to wear trousers, ironed to the cutting finger of the arrow. Although with jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, he looks as appropriate.

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