What is dangerous for the lives of men in the suburbs


Cities are becoming increasingly fussy, cramped, polluted, crowded — so many more getting comfortable living in the suburbs, in a cottage village in the Swedish villages and the like. Measured and calm life becomes predictable, you keep it all under control, and sometimes it seems that it’s choking you. You know exactly how long it will take your way to the city, the only decent shop around the corner, on Saturday you and your neighbor, as always, will be a barbecue, you always have a place to Park the car; you are no busy roads and dangerous corners. Everything is under control.

A suburb designed for a cozy family life, for the tranquility of parents for the safety of their children. This, in General, there is nothing wrong, it is quite natural. All parents love their children and want them to be able to play and develop in a safe environment.

The problem is that the place where you live, starts to dictate you how to behave. The space around you: the houses in the neighborhood, yards, roads, houses — all this imposes to you certain patterns of behavior. The space of the suburb an interesting effect on people: the almost complete lack of diversity makes our mind to rust, as the metal in the rain.

The danger of living in the suburbs in that it is… completely safe. We run the risk of get caught up in this security, and our mind completely lazy. I would not want to exaggerate and to paint the suburbs as such a quiet cemetery for masculinity; after all, space can lead man only to a certain extent. Maybe the problem is that in modern culture the concept of courage is based on flawed logic? How many I remember myself, being a man always meant to keep their environment under total control; to manage their work, family, free time with Imperial manners. From this point of view of men in the suburbs have a hard time.


However, perhaps the true calling of a man — wild life, are the circumstances in which he realizes that complete control is simply impossible.

Remember yourself when you were little. What heroes have captured you, who were a role model? Those who were forced to stay in conditions where there is no guarantee of security and success. These heroes could possibly only affect the situation, but not to manage it. Firefighters fighting fire; soldiers on a dangerous and unpredictable war; the voyagers who explored unknown lands; the pilots managed the aircraft thousands of miles above the earth — that the heroes of your childhood. None of them could have full control over the situation.

You can imagine that I will respond to that reader. «Fine, but I’m a web designer and I have two kids, I’m not some Vasco da Gama». However, to put yourself in unusual conditions does not mean to radically change jobs or cease to live in the suburbs. But you can, for example, to deal with troubled Teens, one weekend a month to devote to assisting children to learn something new or finally start a business what you planned to do for the past six years. You need to do what will make you leave your comfort zone and step into uncharted territory. No guarantee of success. Try to go the hard way.

The suburbs convinces us that the highest good in life — comfort, safety and control. In the end, the man who implicitly follows this logic, becomes the object through which others perform their feats.

Do not lose your masculinity, living in the suburbs is not easy, it requires work on oneself is the path of resistance circumstances. For this you need to put yourself in a situation that you can’t control, when you don’t have any guarantees, and continue to act that wouldn’t have happened. No need to kill anyone and go to the North pole, just enough not to abandon the adventures that are right under your nose.

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