What is brakcet and why is he so afraid

Work.com.ua_27.06.2016_tkGj7SJAbPeQkAnd for Britain, and for Europe as a whole, and for us, of course, it will have consequences. And if the organization of the referendum and the next that are available today, the results — not that other, as the self-confidence and superficial approach to solving crucial issues for the country and for Europe as a whole with the leadership of the UK, the consequences will be mostly global in nature.

– Vladimir Putin on referendum –the Phrase «Englishwoman shits» found forgotten the original meaning. At this time, «British», despite all the efforts of man-toad figure Minister Cameron shat all over the European Union. As it turned out, the «European family», whose flimsy peace and grace this was breathing its last, it is not against to leave. Rather, the family is against, but some family members are tired of suffering the whims of relatives. And what do we see? As the most stable in an unstable Europe, the main countries leave enterprises strive all Eastern European countries. The advantage is small — only 52 %, statistically, the majority voted for secession from the EU — people over 50, retired, completed high school, and youth without education. Then there are those who remember the economic collapse of the 70s, and had to live in the European Union, and easy, I may say, young cattle, just like in the 17th year. They seemed insignificant, so they decided that young people would be better off without the EU.

They remember how they had to drag myself backward colonies, and then to accept and learn to drink tea so love Rugby these natives realized that without the Queen and soldiers in funny hats, which are out of the country the gold, but importing literacy, much worse. Then, in a country flooded Pakistanis, Indians and other Papuans, now the guys are mostly from the Middle East. In fact, migration policies finally enraged the people of Albion. Stupid policy of Merkel, completely insolent Turks, economic problems, and growing instability in the world that have lost control over the situation of the largest European partners, the French and the Germans, the principle of supranational control over the economy, finances, laws, agricultural policies, leading to inefficient use of resources and overpricing of products, oriented to social benefits employment law — all this forced the British to tear myself away from watching QI, to miss Churchill, or at least Thatcher and understand that this government, that England does not suit them. The advantage is minimal, but what really is democracy, the majority is the majority.By the way, on the counting of votes in the EU wished to remain only Scotland (62% voted to stay in the EU) and Northern Ireland (here, the EU has supported 56% of the population).

I think, I never wished that magic existed

– J. K. Rowling tweeted after the announcement of the results of the referendum –For some, this event is a small victory, for others a tragedy. Nationalists (not to be confused with the Nazis) around the world saw this as a good omen for left-wing parties, a glimmer of light of hope. The level of their support over the past years has increased markedly and that seemed utopian in 15 years ago has become very real today.

Europe has long mandrazhiruet. And it’s not a gay pride parade and the juvenile justice system, and in such wonderful events as last year’s crisis in Greece almost led to the separation of Greece from the EU, the referendum on the status of Scotland, which decided that they and without the UK will be able to pump oil from the North sea, drink whiskey and listen to jokes about the British. But then at a concert in Edinburgh came David Bowie, shouted into the microphone: «Scotland remain with us» — and… the Scots voted with a minimal advantage for the continuation of a centuries-old romance with England. Evil William Wallace. Unfortunately, Bowie died, and now to say that to anyone.India and Liberia are shocked by the news that the British could be expelled so that’s way and without bloodshed, and another world shrank, like a gentle place in the cold and waited in suspense. Of course, such an event will not pass unnoticed, however, that for Europe and for the world. For many countries, these effects seem to hit the cast iron in the groin suddenly very painful. But do not cry, better will please the fact that you are a witness of this amazing event.

Chain reaction

For the EU, according to some experts, the withdrawal from the second largest economy may cause a Domino effect and the collapse of the European Union. In the Old World, strengthened euroskeptic sentiment amid immigration crisis. Breaksit can cause a chain reaction among the other members of the EU. A bad signal was given by the Switzerland, which withdrew the application for EU membership. Moreover, in France, talking about your so called flexite. However, there is unlikely something will happen before the presidential election. Hollande will leave, he has all tired of the senselessness, but how will the new leader (this is important) in the new Europe — a completely different issue. Tighten the bit, or as always? Only 38% of the inhabitants of France speak positively about the European Union is 17% less than last year. In Spain, the support of the EU decreased by 16% and 47 %. In Germany, the EU sympathizes with half of the respondents (a drop of 8% compared to last year).

There are concerns that brakcet give forces of Catalonia, which seeks to secede from Spain — especially if by the withdrawal of Scotland would require to hold a new referendum on secession.

However, it is believed that the EU, on the contrary, becomes stronger. Britain in the case of brexia will face economic and political challenges that will rally other EU countries who do not want the recurrence of such problems. But, on the other hand, the bankruptcy of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and France, too, aspire to it — what’s the stability. Besides, predatory agricultural policies and labor laws. In General, look at England how they’re going to last.

If less than two years after the referendum on Scottish independence, we are deprived of membership in the EU against our will just because we voted to stay part of the UK, it is easy to guess that this could lead to another referendum on independence.

– Nicola Sturgeon, first Minister of Scotland –

manygoodtips.com_27.06.2016_QbHgwlXHZkY4TScotland said that in the case of breccia Edinburgh will announce the holding of a new referendum on secession from the UK. Bowie: no, the dislike of the British, who decided against their will got stronger. The Scots were voted against, and Northern Ireland. Most likely, another referendum to be, and, most of all, the Irish also want to play an independent policy. But the results are better than guessing. This will show the first months of independence.

Economy in the fire

All banks predict a fall in financial markets. Citi believes that world markets would fall by 20 %, and the total fall of the pound will be 15 %. On the first morning, the pound fell to mark the lowest since 1985, equity indexes lost about 5 % in different parts of the world. It is clear that, most likely, a large part of this shock played out. It was a shock, the market is not expected broksita. 90 % thought that there will be no exit from the European Union, so the reaction was rapid, but strong. But if I leave Scotland, the decline will continue, and even then, the brave shave is not exactly fun.

Not to fun will and traders. The fact that they will have to trade on WTO rules and, therefore, they will bear the burden of fees.

The British stock index FTSE-100 after the opening fell by 7.4 %. The German stock exchange fell nearly 10 %. The French CAC-40 on Friday morning fell by 9.63 %. What good is it? Nothing, especially considering the fact that the projected decline in GDP. But you have a chance to buy a property in London while prices are frozen. However, prices may continue their free fall.

Friends or foes?

Those who are dreaming that after the liberation from the EU the prices for tickets will fall twice… I hasten to disappoint. According to some experts, tickets to the UK will rise in price due to the increase in the cost of flights. Here’s the thing: if the British would restrict freedom of travel for citizens of the European Union, the volume of flights will sharply decrease. Then you have to raise the prices, even if the pound weakens, it will hurt to hit the pocket.

Moreover, in view of the possible tightening of the visa regime, airlines will have to hire new employees (some of those working now will not meet the visa requirements). With cheap labor will have to part, and the training of new employees need more money. That will be all and Sundry to compensate for the drop in demand and excessive costs by raising prices.

Oh yeah, here is some expressed hope that the visa regime between our countries easier. Well, it’s unlikely, after all, a close relationship with the United States and historical conflicts will not pass for nothing. Over the past 20 years our countries have seen very little good. So be consoled that now to work in the UK EU member States will also have to obtain a working visa.

Stop.com.ua_27.06.2016_hXiqtQEKKfXLTBy the way, on a work visa. There was concern that our beloved English football very dim.

Here’s the thing, for 2015/16 season in the English leagues was a rule according to which players with citizenship of the EU could without any reservations to speak of the clubs of the member countries of the organization. If the player does not have a passport of the European Union, he must obtain a work permit. Moreover, the permit may be issued only if the player in the last two years has held a number of games for his national team. However, any rule there are exceptions. In the rules there is a loophole: if the club convinced the FA that the player has a special talent, he will be issued a work permit. And it is unlikely the loophole will close, because football not only brings a huge income, but that is the main attraction of the country. In such a football, as it looks now, no one out is not uniform.

The new Prime Minister

After breccia Prime Minister Cameron has announced that is retiring. Tiresome roarer release housing Deining street, but if the throne is empty, it needs someone to take. And here comes the main thing — who? Bookmakers put the former mayor, and perhaps the most charismatic British policy of recent years, former journalist, comedian, mayor of London and now a MP Boris Jones. Cameron he has long loved, for pexit voted. But his main achievement is winning the competition of the offending verses with a beautiful poem about zadrotov from Ankara to chase goats. This nerd was Erdogan.

Single Horny Turks

All the time wanking his butt

While in the early spring

Not’d been bad with the goat

Without any foreplay, jerk.Leaders of the campaign for pexit urged to improve relations with Russia. Six months ago, Johnson urged the UK to cooperate more closely with Russia in the fight against extremist group Islamic state. According to him, it is not true that all that is in the hands of Putin, should automatically be bad for the West. We will remember it. But politics is such a slippery thing to trust anyone in this environment is just silly. Especially the comedian.

There are many candidates, but I agree, interesting to see the handshake Erdogan and Johnson.

But even despite the appointment of loyal to Russia’s Prime Ministers do not need to wait that London will instantly break a long tradition of economic blockades of our glorious state. England will continue economic and political partnership with the United States and Europe, and pexit does not guarantee significantly new behavior in the political arena. In any case, to expect that they will lift sanctions, not worth it though, because London is not harder other pursues a policy of sanctions. No matter how they wanted to write a story with a clean slate and no matter how tired weak-minded friends from the mainland, how much would Hugh Grant played the Prime Minister, who was told to fuck US (well love, actually looked?), don’t expect the conservative old England will break soon the foundations will arise to your friends in China, and then, maybe, to Russia.

Still not a solution

manygoodtips.com_27.06.2016_V7Mp6oIDKQEKzThe main reason you don’t need to wait for concessions from the British — they are as before in the EU, and will last all this mess at least…. two years. That’s such a painful process. And you thought it was a matter of two meetings? Ha, most of Eva green to buy a flat near Samara, just.

Is there a legal process of withdrawal from the EU. It is described in article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty from 2009. The new Premier will have to decide when a certain action 50th of the article and to inform the European Council. Once that happens, the UK will drop out of the process of EU decision making at the highest level. The way back will be gone. To return to the EU will be possible only if it is unanimously accepted by all member States of the Union.

Leaving the EU is not an automatic process. Its terms need to be negotiated with the other 27 members who must approve the agreement by a qualified majority. The talks should be completed within two years, although many believe that it will take much more time. The European Parliament has a veto in respect of any new transactions on the formalization of relations between the UK and the EU.

Professionals will also have to revise about 80 thousand pages of agreements with the EU, which entered into force in the last 50 years. You need to decide what will be cancelled, edited or saved. In General, everything is just beginning.

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