What is better never to think

«I think, therefore I am» said Rene Descartes, and thus not only made a fundamental element of Western rationalism, but also secured a place in the funny pages too intellectual for young people. However, perhaps even of Descartes, as Homo sapiens, were the thoughts he tried to avoid. No use of them, just take the time and into the abyss of depression administered. In such cases it is better to say, not to exist. So, what is better never to think?

That you’re sick

manygoodtips.com_21.09.2016_Nv25psRcSlvIkIt would seem that you cannot get sick just because you felt like you’re sick. But you can get hold of hypochondria, hypochondria and psychosis. And all diseases of the nerves, my dear. Yes, because of bad nerves, anyway, like a stomach ulcer, and heart and mental disorders. Moreover, the site of the ulcer often formed cancer, so that’s the long way, because of your mistrust and weird, you can develop cancer out of nowhere. There are many: you will feel cramping in one side, then the second time, and when you delve into the Internet to see dozens of diseases and begin self-medication, which in fact is a natural disaster. Such people, seeing the red spot on lascivious body, instead of having to go to the doctor, massacre and accused of betraying their girls.

Therefore it is better not to load my head with thoughts of disease. The environmental situation is so bad that even the most rugged covered with boils. Do not be surprised that somewhere pricks — you’re not a boy, get used to that feeling, they will follow you all my life. In the end, it’s never too late to deal with them.

About the former your girlfriend.

It is during the times of antiquity to connect with the lady, whose fragile peace was broken hungry for love brown (simply put not a virgin), was, to put it mildly, unpleasant. The mores were different, there was no equality in sight, and married once and for life. Now the society has taken sexual freedom with a vengeance, amorous and rich experience of the lady as an everyday thing, like people in recycled jeans in forty-degree frost.

So no need to worry about your sexual past virgin. It is what it is, because now she’s with you. And the thoughts that she’s there, like so, and then touched the that, and in the end she… Oh, come on, purity of thinking! After such terrible things to want to cry and burn with his love in order to save her from the contamination of the presence of the former!

Just hammer on things past, as Rob Schneider scored on his career. Of course, if in your life, little anxieties, worries, and jealousy, often think about the ability of previous sexual partners your girlfriend and to heap imagine her enthusiastic grin during the entire operation. Then you would most certainly spoil a relationship with her and go crazy.

…and present your ex

There are all prerequisites to ensure that he is better than you, and she is much better. Well be happy for a person to think about how to get her back, it’s late. Well, really, why all this jealousy, you’re not going to fit between them, as Jerry between Belushi and some woman in «K9: a Dog’s job.»

About country politics

For the sake of.com.ua_21.09.2016_dRtkePL6UxP4kReal disposable income in August fell by 8.3% yoy, according to Rosstat, it’s decline has accelerated and peaked in December 2008, Plus, it turned out that this whole debate clowning, pollute the air time, all these Korotchenko, whose sole purpose seems to have been to shout Maltsev, «pensioners of Russia», those who shouts something different there, too quiet Zhirik — it was all in vain, because nothing has changed. To listen that Russia blooms, when the street every day more and more of the elderly poor, the sick as well as the author of this article to use the word «tired» (actually, that’s why he used the forgotten term, because it is more succinct and accurate word to use is prohibited).

Philip Philipovich Preobrazhensky highly recommend Dr. Bormental not to speak about Bolshevism and medicine. As well as of Bolshevism can only speak ardent fans of the genre, you should not talk about politics in General. They say that the stomach flips out and stops working, barely hearing the words «Syria» and «Ukraine». And what is there to discuss, everything is already clear.

About why around like an idiot

After close contact with the outside world from the withers to tailbone run Stroy shivers of horror at the stupidity of his contemporaries. Sometimes can’t believe that such idiots really exist. Okay, do not know what Gogol and Hegel different people, but to think that the planet 2016 is too. And from the news about the next idiot gets in a cage with a bear, or stole a hearse with a goose is terrible for the future of the planet.

Of course, to despise the country their loved Pushkin himself, but even he knew the extent. Since you treat everyone around like idiots, then stop the benefit of mankind, to fly on airplanes, ride in the truck and take food and medications, made by the hands of these idiots. Otherwise it is not really fair.

People are not as bad as you think. Look closely, they are almost the same as you, they can get along.

A missed opportunity

Therefore, their name is lost. You’re not Hermione: you don’t have a pretty face, which was crying half the male population of the planet, and the flywheel of Time you are not. You’re not even Marty McFly, and personal pensioner you also will not be.

About the decisions and actions

I had previously thought. But as you know, a good idea comes afterward, and therefore, don’t anxiety, because you have the perfect excuse.

In fact, many worried for nothing — they think that it was possible to do better, more profitable for yourself. What if the act was not right and led to bad consequences, then you have a chance to correct their consequences. So it would be better to send all the power to it.

That someone more fortunate

manygoodtips.com_21.09.2016_1fat6mmrS5LIaHe and the dog are smarter, and the girl adequate, and well-paid job, and parents are charged with financial or no life. And you, unfortunate, have to work with a frenzy of Gollum gnaw every penny and to collect grammar errors messages your girlfriend (often the excuse for why she will not cook what to do and where to go).

But listen, from such thoughts of justice in the world will not increase, proven by thousands of years of humanity. Besides, karma punishes those that live on all ready, which made no effort and not trying to turn into something good. But you have all the chances to achieve this and to provide their children a comfortable life at all ready. Believe me, it is valued in society is much higher.

Why are people friends with you

If you take away all you sexy, your salary, goes well with tipsy in the bar’s generosity, your ability to solve problems, your connections, your prospects, and most importantly — the ability to access keys beer, you get poor, with whom you yourself would not want to drive a friendship. Therefore, it is better not to think about such things.

About errors and failures

Psychologists advise to throw away all the black moments of his life from memory, and then life will become easier. Of course, it’s hard to forget the sense of shame you felt when classmates and the teacher noticed your erection while reading poetry, but on the other hand, analysis of the situation and the constant scrolling is a sad moment in my head is not conducive to positive thinking. On the contrary, only reinforce.

On why this world is so strange

Hungary lost in the final of the world Cup in 1954, although he was a favorite, and the series «Computer scientists» has not gained the popularity that she deserved. Sasha grey was overrated on all counts, and people, despite endless revelations and pinkie, still hoping to capitalize on the pyramids, binary options and other nonsense.

That’s the world in which we live — a world where fashion is above comfort, and avarice, stupidity and dullness are considered to be the benefactor of a normal person. To think about why he is so ridiculous and bizarre as the Afghan tourism, completely pointless, because the answer is clear from the beginning — because of the people. Too colorful our world, too many thoughts.

At the same time nobody hinders you to assemble a crowd of supporters and hold them to the so-called light. But for this you need to have the audacity of Jacque fresco and the charisma of Charles Manson, but for now you just have to choose: either you play by the rules (which is much easier), or create their own. The world will remain the same cesspool of weirdness, but you will have a clear understanding of their role in all this Kingdom of the absurd.

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