What influenced men’s fashion

Fashion — lady fickle, flighty and inclined to adultery. But it’s not her fault, she did so cruel world. If you constant changes provoked the shit, war and disease, it is unlikely that you would be so mentally stable. But this is only a small part.

Secret perfume

To imagine the modern world without perfume fragrances simply impossible. It is one thing when you don’t use perfume, but at least honor the precepts of washee-washee and nameless, barely smell a goat, and quite another when you are not clean and are not stifled. As the wash was a large claim, a terrible stench, it was decided to knock down the sharp and persistent perfume. It is clear that life in the dirt and no baths teaches basepagename scent to smells, but even the most smelly sometimes misguided.

The French Sun King, woke up one morning in a bad mood (and it was his usual state in the morning, because, as you know, Louis XIV suffered from insomnia due to bugs), he ordered all the courtiers to wear. We are talking about the edict of Louis XIV, which stated that when visiting the yard should not feel sorry for strong spirits to their flavor drowned out the stench from the bodies and clothes. Since then and led.

Initially, these «odorous compound» was quite natural. Ladies European middle ages, aware of the stirring action of natural body odor, smeared their juices as perfume, skin areas behind the ears and on the neck, to attract the attention of the desired object. And then common sense prevailed, and the mixture began to make alcohol-based.

Diarrhea sets the tone

Another consequence of the crap Europe steel men’s trousers of one vertical ribbons in multiple layers. The fact that a real scourge in those days were smelly, vile, spares neither nobles nor peasants, diarrhea. Jet life-giving liquid shit escaped from the Grand GUP everywhere, even in Royal residences. Versailles was polluted worse than the average Ust-Pisons. So it makes no sense to pay more.

What to do? With this level of hygiene and with this diet, otherwise it could not be. So it was easier to equip the castle walls heavy curtains, and in the hallways to make deaf niches. Well, crap panties, of course, was much easier to remove, revealing a new, clean layer.

The reason govnodav

Did not have sewage medieval cities of Europe but had ramparts and a moat, filled with water. It is the role of «sanitation» and performed. From the walls of the pit were dropped shit.

Pile of crap reminded the picturesque dunes, and when in our days we admire the ancient walls, we rarely remember that if we are in front of them 800 years ago, are unlikely to be able to approach them.

The streets were buried in mud and shit so that sometimes there was no way for him to pass. It was then, according to the extant Chronicles, in many German cities were stilts, «spring shoes» citizen, without which move through the streets was simply impossible. Before that, any shoes, especially the ordinary civilians, even in the depths of winter was thin sole. So powerful govnodav no wonder so called, because if not medieval, the stench and dripping through the streets shit, there would be a massive boot for all occasions.

Syphilis and fashion

Trendsetters in the middle ages was often disease, even nasty, like syphilis. One of the symptoms of this unpleasant disease that ruined Maupassant, was the disappearance of any vegetation on the head and face.

So gentlemen, to show ladies that they are quite safe and thus does not suffer, began to grow very long hair and a mustache. So at that time, the mustache was really a pass into the panties, and the incomparable Igor Nikolaev would be the main sex symbol of the XVIII century.

Well, those who for some reason did not work, came up with the wigs that for a sufficiently large number of syphilitics in the higher strata of society quickly came into Vogue in Europe and North America. A once-popular procedure to shave my head (to lice did not like to be there) is sharply out of fashion.

Banal story pullover

After the First world streets of cities filled with the so-called «lost generation», who miraculously survived both the front and wanted to catch up taken by the war years. Generation simply wanted to have fun, and one of entertainment, in addition to the ubiquitous dancing has become a sport. Its popularity has increased so much that the elements of sportswear into casual wear. Men in an informal setting began to wear knitted cardigan and pullover instead of a jacket. The initiators of this fashion were the students of the prestigious English universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which followed the heir to the British throne the Prince of Wales, a great lover of sports.

Cult activities on campuses have caused a replacement jacket, knitted jumper, worn with a shirt and tie. In General, clothing has become more democratic and more simple. In fact, since sports style is present everywhere in the male wardrobe, although clothes that were considered sports in the early twentieth century, nowadays has become a classic.

And most importantly: a passion for the sport finally set the fashion for short hairstyles. It was convenient. And since fashion is cyclical, look around, and you realize that in 1922, the year of the chair looked the same.

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