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Hello, dear editors manygoodtips.com! First, thank you for what you are doing. Second, you are the best Internet magazine, and not only the Internet that I just met! I have a question I’d like to ask your more experienced in this subject to someone, but I don’t have, so ask it to you. Dating a girl, a serious relationship. It seems to me, be a good wife. We work in the same organization in the same Department. I came to this company later, in fact, that’s how we met. I work from home, she is in the office. It’s a bit above my pay grade, but not the head. The specificity of the work is such that I can spend months not to communicate and not to see his head. Now the girl are going to increase and it will become my immediate supervisor. What do you think about this? Will survive this relationship? Should I change jobs? At the moment, our relationship does not affect the fact that it’s a little higher position: the decision is mine to make, in cafes, restaurants, cinema etc. I pay, I live to lead a not allow, but she doesn’t want. That’s why I consider her a good wife in the future, she’s not trying to be in charge in the relationship. Thanks in advance for the answer!

The answer

Hello, dear and dear reader! Hell, we’re glad you came with your problem to us, as some opinion on your question we have. It comes from the experience of generations of personal experience and after-dinner conversations with people who went through all this.

Well, look, buddy. Working with family members is no easy task. We need a clear hierarchy, a clear division of responsibilities that will never be challenged. Otherwise, any deal will fall apart into pieces, will devour itself in a series of endless conflicts. When you mix a career with personal, it always turns out not really accept it as a fact. If you have not yet established relationships, the case is more serious, like a walk through a minefield. A wrong step, and you see bright flight of his limbs in the air. But you like everything is fine, and you’re living together, and therefore not met.

To be honest, the pain from this situation where you’re whipped by your fiancee, bother more men than women. Don’t know why. Probably the case in the tradition, and maybe even instinct. Your girlfriend, if she becomes your chief, you still have to give you instructions to check your work. It will also not in a rush, at first. After all, she doesn’t quite understand how to interact with you in this way. Who are you to her? An employee or future husband? And here comes the stage for conflict. People sometimes can’t adjust to working the rails, and then return home. There is always the possibility that your friend will bring the «working mood» in the apartment, and then in bed, and in the meantime you will from this wildly to boil. From this we will not insure, then it is necessary to deal with the passion, with you.

But to end the relationship just not worth it. Especially if you have it serious. Try to start to adhere to the tactics you used up to this point. We think it is great. The girl, by your own words, not initially positions itself primarily in relationships and, therefore, it is unlikely you do you will seriously think about changing jobs.

In General, open you a little secret. Henpecked – it’s not random guys who were under a «strong» woman. Not at all. It’s the guys who showed no initiative, had no ambition, was a weak link in the relationship first. Only in such circumstances, a woman may take just two niches, narrowing your identity to the size of a cockroach, and half dead. That is, your fear of becoming the second role is justified only in the case if you managed to launch yourself in all personality meanings – with regard to career, intellect, and physical development. And the last tip: just stay a man.

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