What if you work for a bad boss

manygoodtips.com_28.07.2014_gJgVObXGmkK7UFew people can confidently say that it works for a good boss. Most of us the attitude of the head varies from cold-indifferent to strongly negative.

manygoodtips.com will tell you how to be, if you work for a really shitty boss.

1. Abstracts

The most difficult thing to stop taking on personal account that this type tells you. He loves to go to the person, arranging debriefing, or it may be broken because of some bullshit? Neither that, nor another does not like constructive criticism, so neither to you nor to your work is irrelevant.

2. Don’t give in

In any case, do not give in to provocations and not allow yourself to react emotionally. If you give to understand that his tantrum hurt you, you’re screwed. Your anger or fear will only make it even stronger.

3. Nod and agree

It also happens that the boss pays quite harmful to your work order. As a rule, to argue in such a situation is pointless. Just agree, nod and make their own way.

4. Keep calm and carry on in the same spirit

«Keep calm and carry on» – posters with such content decorated many of the streets of London during the Second world… and in many offices it ought to believe now. Your frayed nerves can not reason with the boss, but will significantly reduce the level of your health. Save your neurons, brew tea.

5. Keep proof

If your boss frequently accuses you that you have not complied with his directions, or has fulfilled, but not the way you want, find a way to prove him wrong. Keep your online conversation, start fixing orders, even though the marker on the Board says, the main thing that you then had a place to poke his nose.

6. Don’t let him cross the border

And intervene in your life outside of the office. Except in special cases on weekends and holidays you should be time to socialize with the boss.

7. Be professional

As soon reason, you suffer a management, so there’s a reason. You might have a good salary, do you love your job, in any case, do not be like him. Be professional: do your work efficiently, communicate with colleagues, not to get personal, don’t be aggressive, in short, act like an adult. Or get this job to hell.

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