What if you woke up in bed with a colleague?

what to do if you're in love with a colleague

You remember, we already advised you not to date a co-worker, man? Never. So if it happened, you’re wrong. Of course, we understand the corporate event, the works — and you can’t get it all back. It’s a risky business, but however it happens often. Well, please, you woke up in bed with his colleague and now you need to neutralize consequences of this scourge and to bring the situation under control. Here’s some advice; take courage, friend!

1. Don’t do this

A powerful charge, «I told you» sent your way, dude. Whatever hot was not the girl from your office, just don’t do it. In the XXI century, and some companies are willing to put up with the fact that office romances are inevitable. But at stake is a lot. You could lose your job. You can create an awkward situation in the workplace. If you’re still not fired, the reputation you two will clearly be damaged and will have to forget about raising. If your immediate boss will hear about your business word, he can instantly change his plans regarding his career. Remember that no one will blame you if you don’t take the opportunity to hang out with a beautiful friend, but if you take this opportunity, it’s a reason to have a grudge against you. You certainly have other options — so choose any of them. Or any ten. You have no limits.

2. Remember: in any situation there are several outputs

Like after a night with any other girl, after a night with a colleague you have three options.

Option one: act like nothing happened. Quite a fit option, if all goes according to the script. Of course, you can’t just disappear, because then you will inevitably have to meet. And more than once.

If you chose this tactic neutralize the effects, make sure that it is of the same opinion — then pretend it will be easier. Such a moment had better be cleared up in the morning, in bed, and not via SMS. If you doubt the decision, remember: «It’s work». And tell her too. If she is normal, she will understand.

Option two: Repeat this night from time to time — let’s see what happens. Here is a truly bad idea. Terrible idea. Forget about it. This situation is impossible to handle, and it will end badly. If you ever see that the laws of the Universe suddenly changed and you could so easily sleep with a girl from his work, keeping it secret, don’t call her your girlfriend and in parallel to meet the other — tell me where it is possible. Definitely not on Earth.

Option three: Honesty. Try to really meet her. Invite her out to dinner a couple of times. Send her an SMS and MMS with the seals. Hold hands while walking. Stay here for the night if you’ve got plans with your bro. Yes, also quite viable. But there are some pitfalls. If you decided that you in truth like, not the fact that it will approve on the job (see previous option).

If you know this girl well and know that you have feelings for her, the situation could become even harder. First, it’s risky, though often found, because many companies in your novel close your eyes. If you’re thinking about her and want to spend more time with her, even though you see each other every day, «borrow» it may not be the worst option (it is not done by someone else). Especially if the other alternative is just to do a stone face when you see her because you like her, but you don’t dare to approach her.

3. Don’t make this noise

This is of course, man: if you sleep with someone from their work, it is not necessary to talk about it. In any community on our sinful planet such news travels with the speed of fire. Anyway, the most popular pastime after a corporate party — to discuss with someone who woke up the next morning. You should be obvious that such attention to your persona desirable. And even if you have to work is the so-called «friends» not to tell them about it. Too much is at stake, and to trust these «friends» — superfluous.

If so I would like to share, tell us about your exploits dudes that don’t work with you. You can even show them her Facebook page — give him a taste of (well, if you’re on Facebook, better go as the invisible man). But when it comes to your colleagues — better to be silent. Of course, such news in the end still come up, but it’s better if you’re not original. Looks like it’s not the most pleasant way.

4. Just take it easy at work

So, suppose you decided her office knight in shining armor and chose the third option — that you meet. Well. Be a smart guy, remember all the risks. At work, no matter what, never pretend you seen each other naked. It goes without saying. Of course, you have to avoid many things: to put the flowers on the Desk, doing different stupid things that make some dudes in the relationship. But there are less obvious things you should keep in mind, because, trust me, people notice. No need to constantly talk to her, you don’t need to leave work together, not only speak with her during corporate events. Try as best as possible.

5. Any gentler

Remember, dude, the stakes are too high when it comes to office romances. We are confident that you will choose the third option and will follow it as a professional, what you don’t, but… secret always becomes obvious. How would you not tried. You make sure that all the rumors were good — or mostly good. Don’t be an idiot and don’t lie to her — it still will affect your work. It is not necessary to avoid it, maintain a working relationship. The next morning, bring her coffee or something like that. You have a head on your shoulders, you can treat a girl well. Remember that all of must all learn.

So all of our instructions. Now think about the first paragraph: it is better to never ever do anything like that. But if you broke this rule, pay attention to all the other points and stabilize the situation. Until next time, dude.

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