What if you found a bomb? To wash it, of course!

bomb garden1708914359No, dude, the Board is in the title — it doesn’t Board, don’t even think to follow it. This amazing story happened in England in the town of Norfolk, which we never heard.

Sweet English lady 66 years of age named Carol Longhorn as something rummaging in the garden and accidentally dug up a large oblong iron object. Sincerely not knowing what it was, the woman tried to call my husband, but he didn’t really want to go (probably was busy or considered it unworthy of queer studies). Carol pulled out of the ground the subject and dragged him to the kitchen to wash. Then clean and dry the bomb she put on the dining table, where she finally noticed her husband Clive. Order ohrenev from the fact that honey brought from the garden, Clive decided to protect bombs very original way: cover it with a plastic chair.

Duty at the station, too stunned from this news and gave a pair of perfectly adequate tip — to shift from home while the bomb squad neutralize the discovery. The ammunition was delivered to the quarry, where it was destroyed.

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