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I’m married, have been married for a little over a year, and in the last 3 months I have completely lost the desire to have sex with his wife.

She just ceased to excite me. I’m worried, and so did she. At other women and I have erections all right, but the wife almost did. Maybe they’ll know some solution?

The answer

And after talking to intelligent people: good job not be called marriage. And so it turns out: first, the passion mistaken for love, then decide through lack of time, not just to live together and to marry. And then, after a time, when the passion naturally evaporates, and love (the thing itself is short-lived) does not have time to change a habit, patience, and comfort, there are such a bummer. However, that is what we are: marriage is a beautiful thing.

What happened to you is a common thing in any family. After this starts trivial for marriage history — regular infidelity. As they say, fuck one, kiss the other.

Especially expressive when minds start to sputter that marriage is anything in the relationship does not change, for some reason they never transferred the discourse of home soil on sex. And happen such incidents. And the worst thing is that among men, full of those who agree to the marriage do not mind, and hormones, attraction and passion. And if in addition to sensual, sobering you do not see in it nothing attractive, it is better to disperse. That is why, dear children, do not send women to the Registrar ahead of time.

Very often such a train kills the pregnancy. In my head something clicks, and you’re hard to fuck a man, begat you offspring. Here’s the initial approach at the level of the unconscious. And there is nothing noble, that you got from the valiant monkey ancestor who in the pack was making eyes at hairy females only when the purpose of existence (primitive reproduction) pressed on hungry for flesh reproduction. And you have multiplied to fulfill the needs of others… or you have no children?Then still primitive — the cursed way of life, hated by Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky, crashed on its shores are not one of the love boat. First you see before you the most sexy girl in beautiful lingerie, and then you start to have sex less and less because it you have a very monotonous and boring, you see it in a less sexual underwear and erotic thing that she does, prepares buckwheat. Stout, unkempt, woolen socks, no makeup, not trying to seduce you, and trying every time you walk through the door, to hand you a trash bag, which is sure to throw it away, not yet undressed — try this want.

Plus the constant household bustle, squabbles and quarrels do not contribute to the appearance of passion in the relationship. And, of course, boredom: you’re just bored, you like kids enough. But not necessarily to part: the word «willfully» there is no appeal, and often in such a relationship is full of warm feelings. But sex is not desirable.

Went through your father, your grandfather, and 90 percent of men. Someone who is suffering and is connected through the «I want» someone is running «left» and that someone is himself and not engaged.

Some are desperately trying to make the relationship different sexual positions, but that they are useless, if you look at each other is disgusting? You need to reevaluate your life, which is so overpowering. But don’t try to send the wife to the gym to work on myself and become even more beautiful, you need to change the attitude, try to make sure that she wanted to change and re-engage you. Try it yourself to change your relationship, add romance, speaking quite so straightforward: make the atmosphere in your house such as before marriage. Will see how it pohorosheet eyes. And a number of vile and sad everyday problems a glimmer of light of love.

And you must learn to communicate with each other, raise your level of sexual culture. Just tell us what you expect from each other in bed-sexual terms, to emancipate themselves.To walk on the side and leave is not necessary, because there are times when finding something good is happening, and to go back will not happen. But there is a case that can be, and reminds from the mini-divorce, but is not. Try to live separately.

Take for example a young beautiful family of two persons. Previously, they had passion, because one of the members of the family spent a lot of time in another city. With work commitments. And when he returned, the family exploded another small volcano of passion. And when the citizen went on increasing, and ceased to travel, it turned out that they can’t spend so much time together. Physically can’t stand each other, can not miss. Like at home everything is fine, but not drawn, neighbors live.

Here they occasionally possible and leaving for a week a few times a year. And according to their statements, this is the best decision in their life. Holey panties not seeing each other, they are strengthened in your desire to love.

As you can see, you need to be more honest and free. And both at once, because it’s not just her or you. And don’t be shy to tell her of the event — let them take action.

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