What if the wife is manipulating me?



The wife manipulates me. Like that, so soon «if you don’t like it, go»

Tormented with themes of philosophy and religion, education and work, which friends and family me to chat and what not. What to do? Love her. She me too, but religion and other dregs like her primary. Dude, tell me!

Family relationships can be complicated. To advise anything without knowing the details and opinions of both sides difficult, and not right. But the question is interesting and relevant. Many guys are faced with the fact that women try to change them, and they do it and they get it. In some cases, we are grateful for it, some changes for us. Husband and wife need each other to complement what to teach and share wisdom.

Many women are wise and well versed in people, is that they are absolutely right about friends shouldn’t be friends, and indeed in many respects are right. But not all women, and especially young girls have all this wisdom. The imposition of the religion of his worldview can not be considered wisdom. It’s one thing to disagree with the color of the tile in the bathroom, another thing is to go into your views on serious things.

What to advise in a particular situation: talk seriously and calmly, ask her why it is important that you have not had your view of religion, and so on. Why in the beginning of the relationship she took you for who you were, and now she doesn’t like something? Tactfully, cloak-and-dagger you find out she did not like someone’s brain on religion. If you figure out, try to protect her from communicating with such people.

When once again I will say «if you don’t like it, go», do it, collect the necessary things and go somewhere with relatives or friends (tell them in advance) on time. Let will live without you and think you’re important to her or her desire to multiply in your head cockroaches.

Alternatively, try to Troll (not hard) if it to you with some religion imposed — ask tricky questions, which she hardly will find you the answers. Show more interest (pretending) that she regretted that he had touched on the subject of religion. Want sex, and you tell her, sorry, I’m still the «New Testament» did not read (or something else, leaving the religion).

In many religions (here I’m not strong, not dare to argue, but heard) a woman given to is not the best place she «against her husband — insect» (like this), and must submit to the man. So if she’s so religious, he needs to be submissive and obedient. In General, you can own weapons her and win, and you will live happily, I hope.

With regard to work and family, it is also difficult to answer. If you are unemployed, or earn a penny, here it manipulation is justified. About relatives — the farther, the dearer, but communication in any case can not be avoided, try to explain that to her.

Even when we marry, we have no right to restrict freedom, especially freedom of choice. Everyone should understand that.

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