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Cool, dude!

Read manygoodtips.com for 2 years, and can not stop admiring your creativity, wide erudition and talent. Very cool! Now that there are various issues or situations that need to be addressed, I first go look for the answer in you.

Today I again needed help in a very delicate matter. Sure, many dudes will be useful.

So, here’s the situation: my girl very rarely has an orgasm. Says she’s fine, but I want to meet her, and don’t know what to do, and tried different postures and caress, and orgasm is a rare phenomenon. With previous girls such trouble was not (maybe they were faking it, I don’t know).

And like my dick is not small, and girlfriend is not frigid, and rate of fire I’m no different, and the pleasure you get just me. Want her to orgasm more often or at a pace I’d soon cease to enjoy. Very hope for your help, guys.

The answer

Thank you, dear reader, we are talented, educated and humble. But enough pleasantries, let’s get to your case is below the belt.

Of course, when it comes to intimate aspects of personal life, it is difficult to advise. Each has its own quirks, physiological characteristics and way of life. So we both from Napalm spill on you the stream of hot tips, one of which will certainly help you.

A very wise and passionate lady once confessed that her enough to love a person to climb each time at the sight of him. So do everything that she loved you — it lies in the attitude, in your behavior and other everyday stuff.But the spiritual approach, and now directly to mechanical methods of influence. The problem of the incompatibility of women’s orgasm and orgasm, our male, is in various ways to achieve it. The woman that lay so happy, and the men have to sweat, don’t stop. We would five minutes was enough, but the women are all long and monotonously polite. You may quickly run out of steam or not trying hard enough?

But it as you understand, now will be not only about the storming of the fallopian fortress, but also caresses. Need more foreplay! So you facilitate a job, and the climax make. Don’t forget that erogenous zones of women are not always focused in the genitals, so do not right off the bat poking around in famous places with your fingers. Have to work and lips including the elbows and the neck member will not kiss, and as the Breasts, lips, and virtually all parts of the body. Most importantly, you can’t kiss my eyes and forehead: the first separation, the second for an early funeral (just kidding).

Of course, in the caresses and stimulation are sometimes difficult to manage without magic wand, which in our days has become a classic attribute of almost every pair. It even allows you to simulate some fantasy. In General, the shelves of sex shops literally bursting with all sorts of stuff, including most of these dryuchek, from which the nuns happened to the moral and ethical shock. Generally it is strange that you still have not addressed the lair of passions and vices.And now to act. All you have thrust, it all came together, everything came together. Now calmly, as usual, go ahead and wet squelching business. By the way, remember, speed does not guarantee orgasm. Most often, our brother, barely hearing satisfied pokreativnee or a stray moan, begins to accelerate. Pointless. Better keep the pace, but increase the pressure and insight.

If you still penis is small or your woman a wealth of experience too… don’t look at me that way, we are all human, and we all understand. In the end, size doesn’t matter only when you masturbate. It even Glyzin sang (swear to God Google, he has a song with a group of «XS»). So, in this case, you will help a special extension nozzle to member Lola Toys Super Hero Champion. It’s not complicated: wear it to a member as a condom and then perform a sharp-cut movement. The nozzle is made of the most delicate as angel’s kiss, and the girl will be delighted with the magical sensations. But don’t worry, you their portion of ultranationaliste too. The material is so soft and pleasant, what a difference, you’re having sexual intercourse with a nozzle or without it, you won’t feel.

Of course, it would be nice to last more than 5 minutes. If you feel that a seed wants to come out, try to distract him with a scroll of various unpleasant situations in my head. Although Katya Sambuca said that doing so only losers, and these guys just experimenting with the pace and postures. And posture, among other things, is of great importance. Understand the angle of penetration, depth, different points and the degree of relaxation all play a role. So it is much better to alternate, even if in addition to «missionary» and «doggy» you can’t do anything.

The main thing in all this — do not rush, then the climax will be sweeter. Most likely, tokm face imprinted all the longing of the Jewish people, but she takes off, barely room will shake with the screams and moans of your girlfriend’s.

I would like to mention. Monica Bellucci once said that every woman wants to ever feel like a prostitute. Marquis De Sade was talking about people, which excites the humiliation and pain, and life experience tells me that only one of the unusual situations and atypical surroundings can be great to inspire and amaze. So don’t be afraid to experiment with role play and uniforms, as well as to resort to the first-born sin in places not intended for this purpose: from the storeroom to the restaurant toilets. The singularity and the fear of being seen is very exciting. And on the other hand, it will not allow your relationship to turn sour, like yesterday’s watermelon.

Well, don’t ignore all sorts of aphrodisiacs, pheromones and stimulating with a stimulating cream. Not for you, for her. Oiled, you need the blood pumping to the clitoris, the sensitivity increased, and the process, as the saying went. A lot of guys underestimate such things, but in vain.In General, don’t know what, but something has to help you. The question would be painted more thoroughly — was the answer more specific. And I’m sorry, but you can be damn sure something will really help.

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