What if she doesn’t like to be on top


There is little in the world compares to the spectacle, when you are jumping a beautiful and sexy woman. Unfortunately, many friends are not so confident in myself to be like a sex goddesses. Actually, I think that if you off the horse, you just climb on it again and never give up. Perhaps this tactic can help strengthen her self-confidence.

The main reason a girl doesn’t want to be on top is her dissatisfaction with own body. You see everything when she is on top, and if she feels insecure without clothes, she wants you to see her body in an inappropriate way. While you only see her Breasts Bouncing around her face, she looks down and sees (in his imagination) not a pleasant sight. Now I’ll explain the way I explained it to my friend.

Situation: she rides you in the pose of a rider

You see her Breasts and face.

What she sees: that was disgusting, on top of the belly like a balloon.

Situation: She rides you in reverse cowgirl pose

What you see: ass, ass, ass, ass.

What she sees: the CELLULITE.

Situation: She reclines and rests on hands and feet

What do you see of God.

What she sees: Huge hips, her Breasts were flattened and looks unappetizing, and when she looks at you, and even going double chin.

It is clear that not all girls are so insecure and feel a better in the missionary position. But what makes it so interesting? To a friend here, try to convince her that you like her body, and make special emphasis on how you like to see when she’s on top. Her Breasts sexy moves? You like that you have free hands to caress her? More details. Even if you think she already knows everything, tell it all over again.

Sometimes girls do not like to be on top when they have small Breasts, thinking if the top looks good only girls like Kate Upton. Before the first compliments. For example, a small breast shape is much better than the large.

Another reason she doesn’t like to be on top, it may be that she has no idea what to do. We are not clear, but they are much harder to find the right rhythm. And when your friend is constantly slipping from it, it also upsets her and kills her faith in his strength. To overcome this difficulty, put your hands on her hips and help her move. With practice he will learn to jump at the right pace and don’t stray.

And the last reason she doesn’t like to be on top, that she likes to control. Some girls enjoy passing you the reins. When she is on top she controls it herself, and she becomes not so interesting. Show her you still are responsible for something, even when just lying on your back. Guide her, let’s figure out what you want. Can also push her to him and some time to move myself. This trick leave at the very end, because, probably, for a long time so to do will not work.

And the last one. If you had not tried this position and it has little experience, say you’re just curious to try and teach her. When she tries, she might like it, and it will return to that position again and again, because to be on top friends is interesting.

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