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Good afternoon, reading your articles for about six months. They help me in trying to find himself. Very interesting your recipes and the movies that you post to the collections. You have written a lot about how to behave as a man, and for me it is very useful because I feel that my life is going in the wrong direction from my character, and you describe what men should be. But now I found myself in a situation where you never know what to do.

My friend wanted to organize a business, we assign responsibilities, defined start-up capital and how much we need to invest in the budget of our small company. In the end, I complied with their obligations, found the right amount and have agreed with people for supplies and work for us. And just a couple days before my friend said that he does not want to conduct business with me, because I got scolded because he had not fulfilled his duty, and he broke. Most offensive to me was that he immediately said he was canceling the whole plan, and went, waited until morning and sent a message, and then not even deign to pick up the phone to talk with me. And now I don’t know what to do next. Whether to restore relations with each other or simply forget about its existence? And I’m sure he’ll vividly tell the company of our friends how I «bad» man, because he can do it better than others, and probably I will lose them.

And with respect to the business: should I continue the matter himself, or try to find another partner? This is my first experience in the business, and I think it will be easier to start that way with someone, but on the other hand, if I start myself, I know all the legal nuances that will help me in the development of business and myself.

The answer

Hello, dear reader. Thank you for your kind words. When we talk about the miraculous benefits of our articles, we have joy on the palms hair through.

Now about your friend is the asshole. It’s easy to forget his see, and even better to score. To bludgeting this sad shit-rag. With such verbiage, and, moreover, incapable of performing the simplest of tasks, even to shit on one forest clearing dangerous. If it is, among other things, will put you in a worse light in front of your friends – the more score! Stones. The person who was offended by the well-deserved criticism, offended by what told him off, although he didn’t do… He’s just rotten, like last year’s tangerine. Maybe he was just frustrated by their own helplessness. But man has no commercial sense. Anything can happen. Maybe you will establish a relationship with a friend, but things with him I shouldn’t be. Generally, a business with friends and relatives is not a good idea, as we wrote earlier.

As for your friends: if they are not idiots, you will understand that to what. If they are after his «Nightingale trills» will cease to communicate with you, so you don’t need such friends. Although the case it will be necessary to describe in detail the essence of the situation, not to allow dishonest lackeys to besmirch your fair name, Your ladyship.

Regarding partner. It seems to me that the people you don’t know much about. Of course, running a business under the guidance of a mentor is a great idea. Legal nuances can be understood and with a partner (as ambiguous sounds). So in development you don’t stop, if properly distribute responsibilities. Just where do you find this to not hurt and fooled budding entrepreneur? You have those in mind? Are you sure you will not be thrown?

In fact, you were the business itself. Your friend, as I understand it, was a small dirty dog that ruined everything and did nothing. Experience you already have, so go for it. If there are people that do not doubt, take it, but I’m sure you yourself Forbes rise. Moreover, you have already started.

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