What if it’s you, «unnecessary people»?

The response in the hearts of many dudes found this simple article about people whom you should exclude from your life. Some boys she really didn’t like, but the taste and color of the clay are completely different. What to do if you recognize yourself in one of these unwanted people? manygoodtips.com once again will help you to understand the intricacies of the human soul!

Once again I must make a digression, to make sure that no one reads. «The unnecessary man» — the one from which you want to get rid of because it has no positive impact on your life and even harm. It is also worth noting that the «superfluous man» is not for everyone is unnecessary. For some people it can be the most wonderful, for others it is unnecessary, and the third will not care.

1. You’re pretentious

Are you trying to turn your life in theatre, you work for the public and different floors, but you have an amazing ability to convince people that you’re the most awesome person in the world only a few pieces. You’re quoting Hegel, Nietzsche, talking about the unconscious, but don’t know what it is, using the drawing information from dubious sources. What to do how to stop being that person?

I have to say to you, man, I don’t believe that a cock could be rehabilitated. Pretentious is a way of thinking, it is much stronger than you. Don’t know what makes people pokazushno — a lot of attention as a child or no, there was this tendency from childhood or became part of the character for life? Answers to this question quite a lot, the only problem is that the decisions I personally do not see. A conspicuous can realize that it is the surface that people look at him, understand that his words and deeds are a sham, and turn away, but what does he do? Remembering Pelevin, whose works I have a kind of relationship, I want to quote the following: «do You know what unconscious is? What if you just meet someone, who knows?» Meeting with a man who really knows something and can destroy the cock. Remember this, dude, but how to help you, I don’t know. Maybe you should delve into any sector of the economy, more different books to read and try to be diligent?

2. You’re voluntarily ignorant

Do you seriously think that a simple man is one who flees from any foreign literature and paintings of the Impressionists like fire? After all, look at work not-Shishkin can turn him into stone? «Be easier» for you not to read something more complex than books from the series «Stalker» (it still exists, I wonder?).

Simple dude — the man just to chat. This is not the guy who is constantly imagining a threat in someone’s words and which can flare up for any reason. This is the guy who knows how to forgive, one which its Board, was not happy with the quarrels and which can contact anyone, because he is quite friendly and does not judge on a first impression. A simple man was, for example, my University philosopher, who do not dare to call uneducated, while a girl named Lyuba, which I drank a lot of blood a few years ago, was a typical voluntary ignorant and possess bad character «complex man».

3. You’re a leech

To begin with, as in all cases, we need to realize that you do not. But it’s insanely difficult: I don’t know of any leeches that’d realise that behaves like a parasite. Leeches are sure that they are good people because they help others. His essence leech does not realize until the end for the simple reason that any doubt will quickly turn it in your eyes a victim of circumstances. But, if you ever leech would believe that it is a parasite that makes others dance to his tune for a dubious service, but it should help.

First, realize that not everyone needs your help. Even if a person is bad, he’ll probably get out of this situation. Second, to demand the return of the moral debt is not worth it. Good deeds then good that are just. So if you think that all around bastards, because I don’t want to give you debts, pay for the beer and do other favors in exchange for your past services, try to get used to the idea and stop being angry. No one owes nothing!

4. You’re the one «only lives once»

Admit you’re not educated fatalist, and those who like to call their desire to have fun quickly and without much trouble. Much easier to get drunk than to go to the mountain or start to play sports. You’re just a lazy hedonist, do your banal philosophy prevents you to live curious?

5. You’re a talker

Talkers in the same way as all the dudes on this list don’t realize that they talk too much. Most often they learn about their annoying from other people. If you ever say you talk too much and is not the case, you will likely get angry or offended, instead of realize that it’s time for you to mend. The best means for the talker to start to think. I want to say something? Stop and ask yourself a logical question: «Why do I need to say? Why do I need to tell this story?» If the answers are in the spirit, «to say», «Hear your voice!», «People need to know what I ate last night!» don’t say anything. Bite your tongue, sit down and shut up. Another thing, when the talker is not talking on the subject. If you inhabit this peccadillo, and topics of your conversations are in poor agreement among themselves that whenever you want to give an example from life, think about it, so it fits into the conversation. If you want to tell the case of life, think about the audience. If you still want to, try to shorten the conversation two and a half times. Do you feel it too? Think about the people around you!

6. You have constant depression

If you want to complain about life, remember this article. No one likes complaints, complaints suffer, but only from people who pretty. No one wants to see your boring long face, floated from the corner. Be sure that they genuinely want you dead.

7. You’re practical

Well, that so, like you, to do? Down-to-earth skeptic! The flight of the soul you have is more like «flying» flying squirrels or in the worst cases, a fall from a great height a muzzle on the asphalt. Maybe you’re happy with your life and don’t understand what unmet ambitions, the desire and the work is not in place can lead you to neurosis, depression and questions to the editor of our magazine.

Understand that there are many people who are happy with what they are doing, achieve success and become very famous. Our heroes, for example. The problem is the ordinary person that he for some reason couldn’t find myself, I realize that everything is a lie.

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