What if I’m not funny?


Dear editors manygoodtips.com thank you for what you are doing is very cool!) And now the question: I Have a difficulty in life, I have almost no sense of humor. Of course, I understand all the jokes, but the joke somehow can’t. Dude! send me on my way of leveling this spell. Thanks in advance.

As soon as I read your story, my mind immediately came the novel by Thomas Mann «Tonio kröger»: so similar explains the problems. What was the essence of the novel. There lived in the German backwoods boy named Tonio kröger — weak, frail, dark-haired, angular. He loved beauty. He understood beauty better than all the people around him, buxom and beautiful traditional German beauty. The guy was fond of complex and strong people and saw their beauty much better than them and suffered because he do not possess. But then the boy became a writer. Then there was another story, but this is not so important for our history. Now, change the «Tonio kröger» to the «Asker» and the beauty of the model a sense of humor and get you.

What to do? I’d say nothing. It’s like an innate inclination for music or the ability to learn languages, either there or not. In your place I’d just become a connoisseur, would receive pleasure from other people’s jokes, perhaps, you understand them much better and at a deeper level than 99 percent of listeners. As stated in the poem of Andrei Dementyev: «Let another brilliantly plays the flute, but even more brilliant was listening to you». You see, I also completely quoted and refer to the literature, and he did not write and I was good at it.

Although this response you probably won’t satisfy. You want to develop skill. If you develop, it will be harvested a joke, and not a spontaneous humor that the comparison always wins. Want — train and remember. In case you’ll laugh. And a bonus — our text about why over your jokes, no one laughs. There are tips and have.

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